Do The Landmine Squat For Explosive Strength, Solid Muscle Gains And Less Joint Pain

Maximize your squatting ability.

The squat. It’s often called the king of all exercises and with good reason. The squat a movement that requires the entire body in order to perform it correctly, not just the legs. Through mastering the squat multiple muscle groups are worked and in turn a great deal of muscle growth will occur throughout the body. While it may be the greatest of all the compound movements (sorry deadlift and bench press) that you can perform during training, there’s also a reality that the barbell squat can put a tremendous amount of pressure on the joints, and this can be detrimental for your overall progress.  Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, joint pain is no joke and can be the difference between pushing yourself past your limits and calling it quits. But there’s a squat variation that can see your back squat skyrocket while saving your joints from chronic pain, and that is the landmine squat.

The landmine squat is a variation of the great leg movement that can still bring some really great leg development, just without as much pressure on the joints. Let’s break down what exactly the landmine squat is, and why it can be greatly beneficial for your overall progress.

Squats Overview

squat with heel raise
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When it comes to leg movements, squats really are the king of exercises. You through the weight on the barbell, step into the squat rack, and you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, there is no choice but to get that weight up. In the words of Tom Platz, who is known for his intense leg day routines, squatting is scary. However, Platz, who had some of the best legs on the planet deemed the movement necessary.

While the movement is extremely beneficial and somewhat necessary, the amount of pressure that is put on the joints with the standard barbell squat can’t be denied. Even with knee sleeves or knee wraps and a lifting belt, there is still an immense amount of pressure that is placed on the joints and the lower back.

Despite the pressure, you can’t take squat variations out of your program, whether that is the standard barbell squat or hack squat, or in this case the landmine squat. It would be foolish and ultimately mean lead to you losing leg and strength gains if you removed some form of the squat out of your program.

The Landmine Squat Overview

The landmine squat is a great variation of such a classic movement that can offer all the benefits of your typical squat while at the same time saving your joints from unnecessary pain. You’ll help to augment your strength which can easily transfer over to your back squat. Let’s take a look at how to perform the landmine squat, as well as the benefits of this movement.

How to Perform the Landmine Squat

So how exactly do you perform the landmine squat? Well, similar to the landmine chest press, the landmine squat requires the lifter to utilize a similar form. One side of a barbell is loaded with plates while the other is placed against a corner with a towel wrapped around it to avoid scratching the wall or by using a landmine unit if available. From there you perform the squat as normal. The video below will give you a concrete idea on how to perform the movement.

Benefits of the Landmine Squat

When it comes to the benefits of the landmine squat, you are getting a great leg movement that does not put as much pressure on your joints as the barbell squat. This is also a great workout for gyms with minimal equipment, as it only requires a barbell and some plates to complete, and you can do it just about anywhere in the gym.

The Best Barbell for Landmine Squats

Now, with all of this talk of the landmine squat, you need a barbell to do so, and we wouldn’t leave you guessing which one.

Iron Bull Strength Barbell

Take down any workout with this amazing piece of equipment. From barbell squats to bicep curls, the Iron Bull Strength Competition Barbell is the piece of equipment you need.

The Iron Bull Strength Competition Barbell boasts a set of features that make it stand out in the competitive market of fitness equipment, and makes it out top choice of barbell for landmine squats. One of the key elements is the high-quality stainless steel construction, which contributes to the barbell’s durability and longevity. The bar typically comes with a specified weight capacity, and users appreciate the reliability of the barbell in handling heavy loads, so feel free to hit those heavy landmine squats without any hesitation. 

When training with this barbell, you will notice some great quality, great grip, as well as good bar spin, making it comfortable to hit some landmine squats and not have to worry about anything. 

Price is also a huge factor when it comes to buying anything, and the Iron Bull Strength Competition Barbell is something you can pick up for just $325. A quality barbell is something that is an investment, and that is exactly what the Iron Bull Strength Competition Barbell is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I barbell squat and landmine squat?

Yes, you do not have to supplement one out for the other. If you are looking to change up your routines or need to hit the muscle from a different angle, there is no harm in introducing the landmine squat alongside your standard barbell squat.

Should I landmine squat every leg day?

If this is going to be your main compound movement for legs, then perhaps you could landmine squat every day. However, keep in mind that there are plenty of other great leg exercises such as the hack squat, the leg press, and lunges.

Wrap Up

Overall, when it comes to leg exercise, the barbell squat is not the only type of squat that you have to choose from. You have the landmine squat, which puts much less pressure on the joints and can still deliver some great gains.

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