Dorian Yates Warns Of “The Worst Thing You Can Do” During A Workout: ‘Constantly Look At Your Phone’

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Dorian Yates has seen a consistent bad habit forming in the gym – and warns that it will reduce the quality of your workouts

Dorian Yates opens up about modern bodybuilding and gym culture – sharing his thoughts as to the biggest mistake people make during workouts today. In a recent podcast appearance, he spoke in detail about how phones are destroying gym culture and progress during workouts. He also addressed the rising issue of low testosterone among young men and the importance of longevity in bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding legend Dorian Yates has seen the sport evolve over the years, leaving him intrigued about its current direction. Despite being retired and moving away from his mass monster physique days – Yates keeps his eye on the sport, the current athletes, and also the general bodybuilding and gym culture that has arisen over the decades.

While any aging public persona might find themselves unfamiliar with new generation trends and changes – Dorian Yates always tries to keep himself in check with a level head. Despite this, he finds certain new trends in bodybuilding and fitness to be a net negative regardless of age. Let’s dive into his comments below.

Dorian Yates Exposes the Top Workout Mistake Of The Modern Era

Dorian Yates believes that constantly checking your phone, which he calls your ‘umbilical cord to the rest of the world,’ can hinder your progress at the gym. In his recent appearance on the podcast First Things THRST, Yates detailed the issue as he sees it.

“Listen up, the worst thing you can do is constantly look at your phone during your workout. You’re connected to that device 24/7. When you’re at the gym, which should be only a few hours a week, you need to focus entirely on your training and disconnect from everything else.”

He emphasizes that leaving your phone behind not only benefits your training but also serves as a form of meditation.

“Leave your phone in the locker or your bag. For one hour, nothing on your phone is so urgent that it can’t wait. Disconnecting helps you concentrate on your workout and benefits your mental health too. It’s a form of meditation, allowing you to forget about everything else.”

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Steroids and the Instant Gratification Culture

Elsewhere in the podcast, Dorian Yates argues that steroids have become a ‘cosmetic’ fix for men who want instant results without putting in the hard work.

“Everyone knows about steroids, and they’re widely used as a quick fix. It’s like a cosmetic procedure for men. Women have surgeries to enhance their appearance, and men take steroids to build muscle and get lean quickly. We live in a world where everything is instant, including information and results.”

Dorian Yates finds that instant gratification has become a culture unto itself. In a way, this ties into his comments about phone use in the gym. We as a society, and perhaps more specifically younger generations, expect instant information and instant gratification.

It’s perhaps why individuals think they can stay connected on their phone while still multitasking and getting a good workout. It’s perhaps also why individuals, even outside of bodybuilding, see steroids as an instant “magic bullet” that can transform their physique with less work.

This instant gratification is the polar opposite of what bodybuilding and fitness teaches. The bodybuilding lifestyle is about dedication, hard work, and consistency over a long period of time to yield results.

Epidemic of Low Testosterone Among Young Men

Dorian Yates also points out a worrying trend of young men experiencing low testosterone levels, something that was previously a concern mainly for older men.

“There’s an epidemic of young men dealing with low testosterone levels. This used to be a concern for men over 40, but now we’re seeing it in guys as young as 25. This is likely due to exposure to plastics, foreign substances, and other factors since birth.”

Dorian Yates’ Approach to Health and Fitness

Dorian Yates continues to practice what he preaches, showcasing a fit and healthy body even after retiring from competitive bodybuilding. He incorporates Pilates into his routine to enhance mobility and flexibility.

Although his training regimen has evolved since his days as a top competitor, Yates remains committed to health and fitness. He advises avoiding phone use during workouts as a simple step to maximize the benefits of your training sessions.

If you’d like to watch Dorian Yates’ full comments on all of the above plus more – check out the full podcast episode below.

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