Flex Lewis Reveals Massive Physique Update on Only TRT

Flex Lewis reveals new physique update while only using TRT.

Seven-time 212 Olympia champion James “Flex” Lewis recently shared a physique update showcasing his current form on only TRT. The long reigning champion recently sent shockwaves through the bodybuilding world after announcing his retirement.

Despite no longer competing in professional bodybuilding, Flex Lewis is still looking stage ready. With his retirement Flex Lewis has also decided to switch things up in regards to what he puts in his body. No longer is he utilizing the typical gear that most bodybuilders put into their bodies to aid recovery. Now Lewis is only taking testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Flex Lewis has chosen to do away with any kind of steroid use and only use TRT. This means a few things are likely to happen. Like Larry Wheels, Lewis will likely decrease in overall size and mass. This doesn’t mean his muscle will simply fade away, but it’s likely that he won’t be carrying near as much muscle as before. This may also lead to slight decreases in overall strength as well. But with that said, the benefits will far outweigh any perceived losses.

His retirement may have shocked the bodybuilding world, but when you think about the fact that so many bodybuilders have passing away at a young age, the decision appears sound. Flex Lewis would rather focus on his health and maintaining his physique in a healthier manner rather than risking any potential future damage to his body.

With that said, Flex Lewis is still looking pretty impressive in his recent physique update. In a lengthy post on social media, Lewis detailed a few things about his current status as well as his TRT regimen.

Update: September 21st 2022

Weight: 214lbs

Training: 3-4 times a week

No cardio – Weekend Hike

3x @megafitmeals – 1/2 home cooked meals

Health supplements @yamamotonutrition

TRT started Monday i have truly worked hard to get all my blood work all in line no fancy sponsors, or clinics to promote just a local Doctor that has been working with me since I retired.

I have Been working on my levels and certain health markers to come down, nothing crazy just things I wanted to see lower that only come with time, I am not gonna lie it has sucked but like eveyrhing it’s a mindset thing, the sacrifice has been on my testosterone and estrogen and that is why I now started a fixed and personalize protocol.

All transparency no BS this is my starting point and one I want to continue on with.

Anticipating the backlash, Flex Lewis already had a few words for the naysayers.

I know I’m gonna have some guys who are gonna say “BS” I ain’t claiming to be Mike Ohearn (mad props to Mike) I am saying that I’ve given my body a incredible break and but it’s time As I feel my body is not working optimally, and the numbers show it, but I do feel good not great, but now it’s time to aid my health not a enhance a look.

Flex Lewis also addressed the potential for a comeback. It appears that he’s given it thought and would return under certain conditions.

No competing anytime in the future before anyone in the comments asks for a come back! ????

I am healthy inside more than out with injuries as most know and documented. I mentioned in my last update July 23rd (see last post) I extended time off to make sure after 18yrs of competing I was all good and with a 4 month old and a 6yr old children I want to be on this earth longer.

It’s clear from this that we see the motivation for Flex Lewis to restrict his gear usage. With two young children he wishes to be around for as long as possible.

I wanted to keep everyone in the loop as promised. Believe me or not I don’t give to fucks. What have I got to gain in saying this more so get BS from it, BUT in honor of being true, honest and transparent for others to follow in doing this post. I keep covered up 98% of the time so I guess it’s me saying this is what is under it lol

Maybe I will start wearing more tanks now I am skinny Flex ????

Good news is more training footage to follow, along with podcasts (which I am truly enjoying) along with some new very exciting endeavors sprinkled in.


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