Flex Wheeler Says He Has To Be On TRT For Life, Discusses Synthol And Insulin Use

Flex Wheeler recalled substances used over the course of his career and details the need for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler continues to be an inspiration to all athletes in retirement. He has been open about his health and substances used during his time on stage. During a recent interview, Wheeler broke down his use of synthol and insulin while explaining how he might have to be on testosterone for life.

Wheeler impressed on stage for over two decades with an aesthetically pleasing physique. While he was never crowned Olympia champion, he is considered one of the top bodybuilders of all-time to never life the Sandow Trophy.

Since his career ended, Wheeler has dealt with many injuries. In 2019, he suffered a medical complication and this led to having his right leg amputated. Recently, he shared that his kidneys were failing. Wheeler continues to discuss his recent doctor visits along with experiences with other substances.

Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler On TRT: “I Was So Pissed”

Along with Dennis James and Milos Sarcev on The Menace PodcastFlex Wheeler went into detail about his use while on stage. While he was not natural, Wheeler passed drug tests and took what the doctors prescribed to him.

During a test, Wheeler’s testosterone levels were at 79, which is why he began taking TRT to get back to a natural level.

“I’m not a doctor. I don’t know. I’m being sincere. I’m being serious. I would think if it’s bringing your hormones back to a natural level and you’re down to, I think I was at 79 when I started, somewhere around that.”

Wheeler admitted to taking minimum dosages during his career but doctors informed him that he would have to take TRT for the rest of his life to avoid different health issues.

“When they told me I had to go back on testosterone for the rest of my life, I was so pissed because I stuck myself for over half my life and I was looking forward to never having to do it again.

I was taking such minimum dosages, right? It has nothing to do with being gifted. I was taking prescribing me.”

Flex Wheeler continued to discuss how he avoided synthol but did use pump and pose.

“If you wanted to know who used the most, Kevin [Levrone] did. Pump and pose. I never messed with synthol but I used pump and pose. The very first version of it. I wouldn’t mess with it later on.”

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