Everything You Need To Know About Generation Iron Personal Training

This advanced facility can transform your gains with one-on-one personal training and an amazing space to grow.

Since the beginning of human existence, physical fitness and physique have been a part of our culture. While things evolve and change, what was once “in” may now be “out”, or what was accepted or looked on as the right way, may now be flipped on its head as incorrect. The constant is that physical fitness has always been important as a means of survival, performing, or simply looking great.

As gyms evolve and the style of training improves with science, as well as our understanding of the human body, everyone is adapting to new and improved ways to either work out or train people on how to work out. What started as a space to learn and lift big on your own has now transformed into a place where you can optimize your gains and physique by training with the best, absorbing as much knowledge as you can to better yourself. With equipment constantly changing and new forms of workouts growing in popularity, staying on top of the latest and greatest trends is the best way to stay ahead in life.

Generation Iron Personal Training is a new gym and the future of how personal training and gyms will work. With advanced equipment for personal trainers to utilize for any programs, everyone of all skill levels can benefit from this amazing gym.

Generation Iron Personal Training

About Generation Iron Personal Training

This state-of-the-art training facility is 7,000 square feet, jam packed with elite equipment and uniquely designed to provide for a great workout and awesome atmosphere to motivate and will yourself to see those big gains you’ve always desired. Everything you know about gym memberships and their shady hidden fees and additional costs are a thing of the past as you can book directly with registered trainers for one-on-one personal sessions. With the motto “Sweat Today, Shine Tomorrow”, you will become a new person, one with the confidence and physique to be proud of.

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Generation Iron Personal Training

How Generation Iron Personal Training Operates

For Trainers

Using Generation Iron Personal Training will be a game changer for personal trainers as it provides a great space for any of your training needs. This custom built facility will provide trainers with the best equipment and amazing variety so no workout ever grows stale. We know that personal training can be hard, especially with crazy prices and the need for space as so many have now gravitated towards this profession in hopes of helping people achieve their goals.

Personal trainers can pay a daily, weekly, or monthly fee and can use the facility for up to 5 hours per day to train their clients so only the best results are achieved. For those looking to bring their personal training business to the next level, a great gym is essential. You can charge your clients however you would like and know you have a safe, productive, and high-class gym to do so in.


For Clients

A normal gym tends to have so many fees and additional costs that just simply hit your wallet in ways you don’t need. With Generation Iron Personal Training, our registered trainers are certified and educated in different styles and techniques to challenge you and give you the best chance when it comes to seeing your goals come to life. They will help customize plans that are catered for your individual needs and this system will avoid all the hassle of extra costs. You can book directly with one of our registered trainers who are not only knowledgeable, but also just great people. This will provide for the ultimate one-on-one training session so that lean muscle grows and that unwanted fat starts to go. Not only do you and your trainer get the best equipment available, but your chances of seeing yourself excel and your fitness goals turn into meaningful and worthwhile results achieved.

Generation Iron Personal Training

Generation Iron Personal Trainers

Ehsan Farahi

With 25 years of experience in the industry, Farahi is certified with the IFBB Academy for personal training and nutrition. A real advocate for living your best life when it comes to working out and the food you eat, Farahi is knowledgeable and engaged to help you see your desired results in no time.


Sephora found herself in a position many of us do, being tired of excuses and a lifestyle we want to change. Through hard work and dedication, Sephora has committed herself to building her body and shaping the necessary areas to see results she has great confidence in. She received her NASM certification and is on a mission to not only help change your body, but also your mindset on health and fitness.

Generation Iron Personal Training

Generation Iron Personal Training Contact Information

Generation Iron’s advanced and amazing gym is a great space with plenty of room and only the best in equipment and service to provide for all additional needs you require. Located in New City, New York, it is easy to find with plenty of parking, which we all know can just be a hassle.

Check out the website for Generation Iron Personal Training here!

Location & Address: 730 NY-304 in New City, New York

Contacting Generation Iron Personal Training is easy and convenient either by phone or through email.

Phone Number: 845-664-8589

Email: [email protected]

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Wrap Up

Generation Iron Personal Training is a state-of-the-art, 7,000 square foot facility with the most advanced equipment to give you a space to train and really see worthwhile results. Taking the future of personal training by storm, this gym offers trainers and clients the chance to train without the hassle of hidden fees and memberships like normal gyms. We know how valuable a great body and healthy lifestyle is, and this gym will help you achieve it all. Check out our website and work to gain knowledge, be ready to work hard, and be confident with the choice to better yourself one day at a time.

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