Best Abs on the Planet! Physiques with Picture Perfect 6-Pack Abs


The telltale sign of leanness

Nothing else portrays the fitness level of a person more than a set of six-pack abs. A chiseled midriff is not at all easy to get, let alone maintain it, and it takes more than just a few crunches and leg raises. A six-pack can take months of strict diet, training, and discipline to achieve and maintain. Your level of body fat plays a huge role in how your abs show, and so does the amount of core muscle you have. The constant work is why the abdominals are easy to lose, so people like showing them off while they still have them.

Six-pack abs come on people of all shapes and sizes (unless their body fat is too high and the abs are not visible) and we did some digging to bring you a list of athletes with some of the best sets of abs on the planet. The athletes of the list have such defined and conditioned abs, Greek gods would be proud of them.

The Best Abs on the Planet

Phil Heath

7X Mr. Olympia champion, Phil Heath might get criticism these days for a distended stomach – but during the height of his reign he had the best sets of abs on the planet. The midsection is something that bodybuilding judges pay close attention to during competition, and Phil Heath had a great set of abs when he was on stage. Heath is known as the ‘Gift’ and we can vouch for the title. Maintaining the kind of conditioning Phil has for a guy of his size is truly commendable.

Michelle Lewin

If you’ve been around the fitness scene for some time, you’d be familiar with Michelle Lewin by now. The Colombian beauty has one of the best physiques on the planet, from a great set of legs to her defined set of abs, and her millions of followers on Instagram are proof that we are not the only ones who think so.

Lazar Angelov

Lazar is one of the biggest Instagram fitness celebrities and is acclaimed for his chiseled physique, and it is no surprise that he made the list for best abs on the planet. Only a few people (if anyone at all) can beat the symmetry and definition of Angelov’s abs.

Brooke Ence

Brooke Ence is a very well known female athlete, the queen of CrossFit and her washboard abs can put many men to shame. Brooke plays an Amazon Warrior in the Wonder Woman movies, and rightfully so. The original Amazon warriors will have absolutely no problem with the casting, as Brooke Ence and her abs fit the description perfectly.

Chul Soon

It goes without saying that Chul Soon is certainly something else. The Korean athlete is climbing through the ranks quickly and we might see him on big bodybuilding stages soon. Chul has also got some pretty great dance skills which often do the rounds on social media.

Karina Elle

The former girlfriend of Calum Von Moger, Elle does a great job of staying in shape throughout the year. Karina loves the beach life and her exotic bikinis give us the front row view to her perfectly crafted six-packs. Thank God for the Cali weather.

Sergi Constance

Sergi has one of the most well-defined midriffs on the planet. Constance is one step ahead of everyone in the chiseled midsection game with his eight-pack abs. There is no more real estate on his abdominal for any more abs.

Strength Wars Movie

Ashley Kaltwasser

Kaltwasser is the 3X Ms. Bikini Olympia. Ashley is also one of the most fun people to follow on Instagram, as she posts some great content. If you’re not already following Ashley on Instagram, you’re missing out on a lot. You’ll be surprised at all the things she can do.

Jeff Seid

Jeff Seid is an internet fitness celebrity and has a giant following, he was the youngest IFBB pro at one point. Jeff has been training for 13 years and focuses on building aesthetics. Seid has an elaborate Youtube channel and you can check out his vlogs and workouts there.

Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway is arguably one of the prettiest Instagram fitness celebrities. Paige Hathaway (along with her abs) can keep you glued to your phones for hours, so it is good reason that she made the list for best abs on the planet. Hathaway shares her workouts on Instagram for you to follow.

Ulisses Jr.

The best abs on the planet list can never be complete without mentioning the king of washboard abs, Ulisses Jr. Ulisses’ abs are in such great shape, they leave us with no words, literally.

Importance of Abs

Aside from adding to the aesthetic part of your physique, a set of strong abs is key for your strength and progression in the gym as well. You use your core for a variety of exercises, especially compound lifts such as the squat and deadlift. When you are completing a lift, you will brace your core and keep it tight, otherwise you risk injury.

They even sell items such as weightlifting belts to help keep your entire midsection tight during your training.

Best Abs on the Planet Wrap Up

Overall, a chiseled midsection is often a telltale sign of a serious lifter. While a great set of abdominal muscles certainly adds to your aesthetic, abs do even more for your overall progression than you think. You need your core for a variety of lifts, so keeping them in shape and strong certainly is a bonus.

If you look at who is on our list of athletes with the best abs on the planet, a large majority of them are pretty well known competitors in either strength sports or bodybuilding. You do not typically see athletes in the fitness industry with a weak set of abs.

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