Gym Duo Criticized Online After Questionable Weightlifting Stunt

A pair of gym-goers received much criticism online after a boneheaded weightlifting stunt.

There is a lot of good that social media does. News, advertisements, exposure in a positive way for those who want or need it. With that being said, it feels as though for every good there is a bad. Recently, two gym goers showed this off with a dangerous gym fail during a weightlifting stunt.

In a video shared by Gym Savages Instagram page, two gym goers are seen positioning themselves under a loaded barbell to complete a shoulder press. the amount of weight was not revealed but it looks as though there is about six plates on each side, which would be close to 600 pounds.

It does not look like the weight slips out of either set of hands but it proved to be too heavy as the duo collapsed underneath the barbell.

This is not the first time we have seen a tandem lift attempt. The difference is, a November attempt was from two professionals who have worked on the art of weightlifting for quite some time.

South Korean weightlifters Bak Joo-Hyo and Lee Sangyeon shared an insane 280kg clean & jerk that they completed as a duo. Prior to that in 2011, German weightlifters Matthias Steiner and Almir Velagic completed a 333.3kg (734.8lb) lift, which is the heaviest amount of weight to be lifted overhead.


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Gym Goers Ripped For Dangerous Stunt

It is no surprise that a stunt like this received some backlash from commenters under the post. Neither weightlifter was injured after the stunt. Unfortunately, there were some comments calling for an injury, which is an example of toxic gym culture spoken out against by the likes of Joey Swoll.

“No hospital? Try again! Want to see them hurt 😊”

“That’s too bad I was hoping atleast one got seriously injured”

Other commenters kept the same tone criticizing the duo:

“Stop f***ing around in the gym for TikTok.”

“What brand of stupid did they sprinkle in their protein this morning?”

Social media has become a place where weightlifters can show off some of their feats of strength. Of course, this is not always a good thing. There are many instances where questionable decisions are made in the gym and this is clearly one of them.

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