5 Gym Etiquette Rules You Should Know About

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5 Most Important Rules Of Gym Etiquette You Should Know

When some people are in a public gym, they think no one is watching them. They take the gym to be a practice ground and decide to do things which they otherwise wouldn’t do outside. The gym is like any other social setting and you need to be on your best behavior.

Without you knowing it, there could be some things you do in the gym which could be a cause for trouble for the other people. If you do the right things, becoming a gym sweetheart isn’t so hard.

1. Re-Rack Your Weights

This is the basic gym etiquette most people lack. People use weights, dumbbells and leave them on the floor after completing their exercise. These people think re-racking the weights is the job of the gym employees and permit themselves to scatter weights throughout the gym.

While keeping the gym clean and tidy is the job of the gym staff, cleaning after you isn’t. Since you’re working out, it is safe to assume you’re old enough to clean up after yourself. Every gym should have this written on their walls –

“If you’re man enough to lift it, you’re man enough to put it back.”

2. Be Presentable

While it’s true your gym clothes have a smaller life cycle than your normal clothes, it doesn’t mean you should start wearing untidy clothes to the gym. You look at yourself in the mirror for most of the time you’re in the gym.

Looking good while working can act as a motivation. You meet many people while you’re at the gym, and you should leave a good first impression. Talking about first impressions, do everyone a favor and wear a deodorant. Stop with the homeless look already.

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3. Don’t Help When Not Asked For

Broscientists have earned a name for themselves when it comes to interfering in others workouts. If someone doesn’t ask you for training tips or the right form while performing an exercise, please keep all your training hacks to yourself.

Everyone’s body is different and responds to different things. People realize what works for them after years of trial and error. Don’t think you can correct everything with your training hacks. Not to mention, no one appreciates a broscientists or his tips.

4. Ask Before Taking Equipment

If you’ve been working out for some time, there are chances you might have found yourself in a situation when someone took the weights you were using without your permission. We’re sure you wouldn’t have liked that.

Even if you find barbells, dumbbells or weight plates lying around, ask around before taking them. While you’re at it, use a towel to wipe down the equipment if you get them dirty. Doing this will add good karma to your gym life and the same will start happening to you.

5. No Dibs, Please!

Some people have the habit of blocking others from the equipment they’re using. A little sharing never hurt anybody. Not sharing is one of the most lacked gym etiquettes. Everyone is running on a schedule, always offer to share the equipment.

Since you’ll have some time in between sets, it is a great way to build new relationships. If you’re running late, you can speed up your workouts by using advanced training techniques like supersets.

Most do not have access to a home gym. Which are the etiquettes people at your gym lack? Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.

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