Gym Jerks Have These Things In Common

Are You A Gym Jerk? Find Out.

Every gym has a few people who are a pain in the ass. Some of these pricks can be so bad they could make you change your gym timings. The worst part is, you can do nothing about it. A single habit of these annoying people could be putting you off.

While some people could be a trouble on purpose, the others might have no idea they are doing something wrong. Even you are not safe from this. There is a probability people in your gym think you’re a jerk. Do you want to know if this is the case?

These are the things gym jerks have in common –

1. Loud Grunting

Let’s get this out of the way. Grunting doesn’t make you cool. We can understand you might be lifting heavy weights, but do you really need to grunt as if you’re in labor? We’re sure you could lift those weights while making much less noise.

The funny thing is, the number of men grunting in the free weights area is directly proportional to the number of women in the gym. And the loudness of the grunting is directly proportional to the proximity of the girls to the guys.

2. Taking Away The Weights Without Asking

Every single gym around the world has these people. These gym jerks take away the weights from the barbells or the dumbbells while people are resting between their sets. A little courtesy never hurt someone.

We get it, you saw one too many ‘thug life’ in the gym videos. Whenever you see a loaded barbell or dumbbells lying on the floor, it is always a good idea to ask around if someone is using them. Form a habit of asking otherwise karma isn’t too far away.

3. Too Badass To Re-rack The Weights

If the dumbbells at your gym are always racked, you’re in a heaven. People like lifting heavy weights but they hate putting them back. Unracked weights can make a complete mess of the gym. If you use any of the gym equipment, it is your responsibility to put them back.

“If you’re man enough to lift it, then you’re man enough to put it back.”

The next time you see someone not re-racking their weights, act responsible and ask him to put it back. Oh, and if he doesn’t listen, report it to the authorities. They surely will be on your side.

4. There To Pick Up Girls

Some people think of gyms as pick up spots. They are there to impress girls and almost no one of them is good at it. Just so you know, lifting heavy weights and flexing isn’t going to get you girls – unless you’re too good at it.

If you want to pick up girls, there are better places to do it. Have you ever heard of the club, maybe? Stop being a distraction for the ladies and the people around you in the gym. Do what you’re supposed to do in the gym.

5. The Broscientists

These are the biggest gym jerks. You will always find them giving training and nutrition advice to people. All their advice and methods have no science to back them up. Broscientists are the people who take it upon themselves to correct your form.

We have an advice for all these broscientists, refrain from giving advice to anyone until you feel they will hurt themselves. Everyone’s body is different and might respond to different styles of training.

People might have come to their current form of training and what works for them after years of trial and error. There is no ‘one solution fits all’ when it comes to working out.

Did we miss out any other types of gym jerks?

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  1. The grunting is definitely necessary
    Watch every pro bodybuilder powerlifter or strongman. They all grunt . you have to grunt. Not only because it’s a form of breathing so you dont get a hernia but also because you have to get mad to lift heavy weight
    I’ve never seen anybody lifting heavy as piss weight and being completely silent. people that don’t grunt are lil bois

  2. I agree with everything except the grunting !! Grunting is GOOD ! Unless your NOT trying to get bigger and stronger and all you want is a nice pair of ” Bar Biceps ” . And if that’s the case you belong at planet futness ?

    • I bet you look like you spend one day ever 6 years in the gym because that’s what trolls do to try and sound like they workout or even know what they are doing haha.

  3. I grunt every workout. Not trying to show off., or make loud noises on purpose. But I learned in my early days of Martial Arts; you always make a sound when exhaling to add more :energy” to the punch. I do it when I play tennis, too.

  4. Trait #1: You like to talk about how CrossFit changed your life

    Trait #2: The local chiropractor always says you’re his favorite client

    Trait #3: Did you tell everyone about how you do CrossFit yet?

  5. lol I walk by and spit on people that grunt they get pissed turn out see how massive I am and they tell me sorry and I tell them shut your slut whole before I fill it with my cock your stupid fuck I can do 200lb dumbbell press and I don’t make a fucking sound your loser that looks like this is his first day in the gym.

  6. Bullshit! I grunt when I train. In fact, I growl like a fucking animal when I’m pushing it to the limit! If you’re not grunting then you’re not pushing hard enough and you should probably be training with the rest of the girls. AAAAAAAAARRRGGHH!


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