Hadi Choopan Looks Insane In Post-Olympia Physique Update

Post Olympia photos

Hadi Choopan is focused on repeating as Olympia champion.

Hadi Choopanreached the pinnacle of the sport of bodybuilding by winning the 2022 Mr. Olympia title. Now, he is focused on repeating as champion. On Saturday, Choopan shared post-Olympia physique updates that show his insane conditioning.

Choopan became the first Iranian bodybuilder to lift the Sandow trophy. He dedicated his victory to the women and people in the country who have taken a stand. After years of work in and out of the gym, Choopan earned the prize that he has been working for and did it against an extremely difficult group.

This year’s competition was considered the deepest group in Men’s Open history. Choopan came in shredded once again and proved superior during prejudging. He was able to beat out Derek Lunsford and Nick Walker, who finished second and third respectively. Big Ramy was considered the favorite once again but fell to fifth due to some imperfections.

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Hadi Choopan Shares Physique Update

Hadi Choopan has been one of the top bodybuilders around the world for years now. He has grabbed the biggest title in the sport and it is clear that repeating is on his mind.

Repeat everything to repeat”

Choopan continues to work with Hany Rambod and together, the two will likely be favored to capture another Sandow Trophy in 2023. The division continues to grow and there will be many competitors vying for the title in November.

Hadi Choopan put on 10 pounds of muscle while remaining shredded in preparation for the 2022 competition. It will be interesting to see how his physique improves even further over the next 10 months as he gets ready to defend his title.

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