Hassan Mostafa Shares Physique Update Three Days Out Of Orlando Pro Championships

Orlando Physique Update

Hassan Mostafa is looking to pick up another victory over the holiday weekend.

Last year, Hassan Mostafa had plenty of expectations and was able to remain busy over the course of the season. This time around, Mostafa looks to be taking his physique to the next level. On Wednesday morning, Mostafa revealed a physique update as he prepares to take the stage for the second time in 2022.

Mostafa competed six times prior to the 2021 Olympia last season. He earned four top-five finishes and three in the top three. Mostafa finished third during the New York Pro and California Pro. He was able to earn enough qualification points to appear in the Olympia, where he finished 13th, despite not winning a show. Mostafa will not have that problem this season.

During the 2022 Puerto Rico Pro, Mostafa looked superior and was able to take home the gold. He might be qualified for the biggest show of the year in December but he wants to keep the momentum going this weekend.

Hassan Mostafa

Hassan Mostafa Looks To Dominate Orlando

Hassan Mostafa has been active on social media over the previous two days sharing physique updates as he prepares to take the stage during the 2022 Orlando Pro Championships.


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Hassan Mostafa has made significant improvements this year. He is bringing a leaner package to the stage with better conditioning. Mostafa is looking shredded in his physique updates. This gives Mostafa a chance to improve upon his position in the Olympia this time around.

In Orlando, Mostafa will be up against some of the same competitors that he was able to bear in San Juan. Jonas Giatras finished third and will look to take down Mostafa in Orlando. Maxx Charles will also return to the stage this weekend. He has already competed six times, including back-to-back third-place finishes at the 2022 New York Pro and 2022 Indy Pro.

If Hassan Mostafa is able to pick up another victory in Orlando, he will solidify his standing this year and be a threat over the course of the season. If his recent physique updates are any indication, it is clear that Mostafa has taken the next step and is the real deal in 2022.

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