Why Hydration Matters & Its Role In Weight Loss For Gains


Hydration is the key to a healthier lifestyle.

Many of us put an emphasis on hydration and that is what matters most. At the end of the day, looking to hydration to improve our training and performance needs is exactly what we are looking for. But it can be hard to constantly be drinking. Maybe you don’t have a bottle at the ready, or you just don’t feel like constantly drinking all day. But neglecting hydration can lead to negative gains, which you absolutely don’t want or need.

Why staying hydrated is so difficult for some remains a mystery. It is supposed to help, work to optimize performance, and allow us to stay as healthy as possible so we see the best gains possible. So, why do so many stop putting an emphasis on hydration when it matters most?


Aside from the everyday benefits of staying hydrated, its role in weight loss comes into play and this can lead to some of those desired gains you want most. We are always looking to those supplements to help with our weight loss goals and often times neglect the fact that water is a key component and can be quite helpful.

Let’s take a look at hydration and get that basic overview down so you know how to and why you need to stay as hydrated as possible. We will also talk about its role in weight loss and how this can help you see some of those desired gains come to life.


Why Hydration Matters

Our bodies need water to function. Simple as that. But the benefits of drinking water works for more benefits than that simple explanation. Water works to transport nutrients, maintain a healthy blood volume, offer better circulation, help with body temperature and proper regulation, and can work to help things like performance, mood, and as mentioned before, weight loss (1).

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Clearly hydration matters in order to maintain and operate a healthy lifestyle. To neglect hydration and its role in helping you, you start to give yourself more of an excuse for why things go wrong, when the simple answer is drink more water.


Hydration & Its Role In Weight Loss

Water and staying hydrated does have benefits to weight loss which are important to realize and understand. Let’s take a look at a few ways that staying hydrated affects weight loss.


To start, staying hydrated works to keep you a bit more full. This will eliminate any of those unwanted cravings that can kill your gains. There is nothing worse than when you start dieting, get on a good routine, and those cravings come and start knocking at the door. You can only fight them for so long until you give in. But, by staying hydrated, you set yourself up better to eliminate those unneeded, and unwanted, cravings (2).

When it comes to working out, staying hydrated can keep you working out harder and longer because you give your muscles what they need and you keep your focus high. We have all been in a workout when we start to feel dizzy, a bit more fatigued, and begin to fall apart. By staying up with your water intake, you give yourself a better chance at seeing those desired gains you want most.

Staying hydrated can also help boost your metabolism so you start to see better results when it comes to burning more calories. A healthy and well-run metabolism is exactly what you need as you start to see some real results take place (3).


What To Drink

Initially, when we talk hydration, water is the most likely of choices to keep up on as you look to stay as hydrated as possible. But there are other beverages that can be great aids in your hydration efforts. Sticking in the same family as water is alkaline water, which has a high pH to balance out the acidity in your body and pump you minerals to help improve your overall health.

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When we are talking about workout hydration, BCAAs and other intra-workout aids can be game changers as you seek the best for your desired results. These can not only keep you hydrated but also kickstart muscle growth, aid in recovery, and give you great benefits when it comes to seeing real results. On top of these, anything with electrolytes is always a great choice.

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Wrap Up

Hydration is key to optimizing both health and performance. With the right products and the right plan of attack, it is possible to stay hydrated and see the best results possible. It just takes knowing what to drink, when to drink, and what the best products there are out there to use to make your life just that much easier.

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