Iain Valliere Believes Nick Walker Is “Unbeatable” At The Arnold Classic, Says 212 Division Should Be Erased

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Iain Valliere broke down the upcoming Arnold Classic and spoke against the 212 division in bodybuilding.

The 2023 Arnold Classic has gained a bit of steam due to some elite competitors adding their name to the roster. During a recent appearance on the Bro Chat podcast, Iain Valliere broke down the upcoming action and had some interesting comments on the 212 division.

Shaun Claridawho was qualified for both Men’s Open and 212 during the Olympia, decided to go for his second title in 212. Derek Lunsford made the move to Men’s Open after winning the Olympia at 212 in 2021. Clarida was able to regain his title and win his second 212 Olympia.

The 212 division was not part of the Arnold Classic last year and it will not be once again. Valliere joined Fouad Abiad to discuss the division.

“You really have no f***ing case for keeping the 212 around. Because I still think the guys that are really f***ing driven to be the best, would stick out a few years of getting shit on if they believed in their heart.


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“That’s the same thing as saying guys that are like 5″10′ shouldn’t pursue basketball and that we should make a shorter net for the guys that are shorter. It’s stupid.”

Iain Valliere believes that 212 competitors should compete in Men’s Open. He used the example of those who are shorter using a different net in basketball. The point that Valliere was trying to make is that all people are not created equally.

“No matter how much I train, I’m not going to be as big as Ramy or as fast as Usain Bolt…People are not all created equally and just because they aren’t, doesn’t mean we should fill the gap.”

Iain Valliere Believes Nick Walker Is The Favorite

The top three from the 2022 Olympia seemed to finish well ahead of the rest. This includes Nick Walker, who finished third. He decided to return to the Arnold Classic stage for 2023 and Iain Valliere believes that he is the clear-cut favorite.

“I think Nick is unbeatable at this show to be honest. I think Nick is going to be better than he was at Olympia, and I think that Olympia, he was really good.”

Andrew Jacked is expected to be in his best shape and contend for the title as well. This makes for an intriguing matchup with Walker on stage. Valliere still believes that Walker is ahead of the game, despite Jacked being impressive.

“I think Andrew Jacked is probably one of the most impressive physiques on the planet when you see him in person. But I think Nick has a very different level of muscularity and hardness, especially from the side and back.”

The overall package that Nick Walker brings to the stage will be difficult to beat. He is a former Arnold Classic champ and knows how to win on stage. Entering this year, Walker is in better shape than 2021.

“Andrew is very big, but he doesn’t have crazy front to back thickness like Nick does because he is so tall, through the arm, delt, chest, side leg, things like that, Nick just has in spades. Nick’s back shots are just f***ing insane.”

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