Australia’s Favorite Competitive Eater

When it comes to Generation Iron’s athlete profiles, typically you will see individuals such as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Mitchell Hooper. Basically what we mean is you will see bodybuilders or strength athletes, people striving to be on the Mr. Olympia stage or win the World’s Strongest Man, but today we are switching it up and profiling James Webb.

James Webb is an Australian born competitive eater, and with Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest right around the corner, it is only right that we include a profile on one of the most prolific people in the sport.

So, let’s dive into exactly all things James Webb.

Full Name: James Webb

Weight Height Date Of Birth
Unknown Unknown Unknown but he is 34
Division Era Nationality
Major League Eating 2020 Australian

James Webb Biography

When it comes to competitive eating, many people will picture out of shape people with excess amounts of body fat, but that does not describe James Webb at all. James is someone with a good amount of muscle mass, and not a lot of body fat. He is actually pretty vascular as well. So what does his background look like in Major League Eating?

James Webb grew up in Sydney, Australia, in a pretty ethnic household. His Mother is Croatian, and he stated that their family gatherings were always centered around food, in pretty large proportions. James states that he has always loved his Mumma’s cooking and had been spoiled with his “Mum and Baba’s” culinary talents throughout his entire life. It was pretty obvious to James that he could always eat more than the “average Joe”, as her would forever be finishing off everyone’s plates at family dinners. He actually says growing up around all of that food helped him develop “superhuman digestion“.

When it comes to his dive into the world of competitive eating, James originally started up his own channel on TikTok, ( where he would post videos of him doing eating challenges. Followers of James loved watching him take on and conquer massive portions of food in record time. His following grew and grew, and pretty soon, within just 3 weeks of starting his social media, over 160,000 people followed James while he was in the process of formally launching his competitive eating career, as well as highlighted his eating talents in-person and online. He currently has over 1.2 million followers accompanied by 21.4 million likes on TikTok.

Aside from Tik Tok, James also launched his own brand. This includes a personal website, YouTube channel, Instagram, Twitch, and more, and he could not have done it without the help of his girlfriend, Kate. James credits Kate as the brains behind it all, as he describes himself as introverted and not all that fluent in social media.

Competition History

James’ first challenge was the Kitchener Hotel 5kg burger challenge, and this was where he realized he had a knack for competitive eating. The challenge itself consisted of a 5kg burger, fries, onion rings, and wedges. The challenge was deemed impossible, but James ate that whole burger, as well as a double serving of dessert within the time limit of just 30 minutes, he actually did it in 27 minutes and 37 seconds to be exact. That story took off on Australian news stations.

James states that when he goes into a competition like this he has to come up with a plan of attack, and that usually involves eating the protein portion first. This is because the carbs will expand in the stomach and fill you up faster, so when you are trying to eat a lot, go for the protein source first.

Since the Kitchener Hotel 5kg burger challenge, James Webb has taken on many food challenges and eating contests, including team pizza challenges by himself. Imagine doing a team eating challenge, all on your own.

As far as his favorite contest, James Webby stated that his was Benny’s Pizza contest! He has gone on record to say that his favorite food is pizza, so he really enjoyed that contest. It just so happens that Benny’s Pizza Contest was also his very first appearance in a Major League Eating sanctioned event. It is also worth mentioning that one time, he even took down a five pound calzone in one sitting. Imagine sitting at the dinner table at 190 pounds and leaving five pounds heavier.

Not surprisingly with his favorite food being pizza, James actually says that his favorite food challenges to partake in are the pizza challenges. On the flip side, he states that his least favorite food challenges are the ones that include loaded fries, or just about anything overloaded with mayo and liquid cheese. This may sound like a nightmare for some with gut issues, and James Webb also strongly dislikes the contests involving these foods.

When it comes to his victories, James has won many prizes for his eating efforts, and they range in what they consist of. Some of the prizes include money, t-shirts, and some are just simply his picture on the Wall of Fame in restaurants across Australia and other countries that he partakes in eating challenges in.

Training for Competitive Eating

As far as training for competitive eating, a lot of it comes from his abilities that he gained through his family cooking. As stated above, James Webb had developed advanced digestion through years of consuming family foods. Other than that, James has always been a big gym enthusiast, and has force fed himself for years and years to help promote muscle growth as well as recovery.

Despite being a competitive eater, James has maintained a single digit body fat percentage for over a decade now. He also consumes right around 6,000 calories a day, for maintenance. Yes, that’s right, 6,000 calories for maintenance, not bulking, not cutting, and yet he is still more shredded than most people. You would think that a guy who eats on the regular what bodybuilders eat as cheat meals would be out of shape, but he manages to pull off an incredible physique regardless. James states that this did not happen overnight, but it did take years of training and dieting.

James Webb Wrap Up

Overall, competitive eating is quite the interesting sport. People may think it is simple, but there is a lot of training that goes into it to keep the metabolism going and help to stay in shape, while keeping the gut healthy enough to pack full of junk foods. James Webb is certainly one of the most interesting athletes in the sport, as he sports low body fat, ripped abs, and great muscle definition, but he is a top tier athlete in Major League Eating.

What are your thoughts on James Webb?

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