Jay Cutler Explaining Cutting Bench Press Out Of Workout: “Honestly, It’s The Worst Exercise”

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Jay Cutler explains the damage that can be done by barbell bench press.

Bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler has mastered his workout in the gym. He learned at a young age what works best for his body to provide some great growth, and that has continued during his days off stage, hence the reason he still looks like he is in great shape even in retirement. Amongst his workouts there has been one constant — the removal of bench pressing using the barbell. Recently, Cutler explained why he removed this exercise from his chest days.

Jay Cutler rose to popularity after challenging bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman for the Mr. Olympia title 2001. Coleman had been winning since 1998, and a fierce rivalry began between the two, which ended in Jay Cutler finally winning the top prize in 2006. He went on to win Mr. Olympia three more times but hasn’t officially competed since 2013.

Just like many other bodybuilders in the industry, Cutler would bench press using a barbell prior to his career but explained why he took it out once his bodybuilding career took off.

“I took a flat bench pressing out once I got in the money. So once I started to financially support myself with bodybuilding. I couldn’t risk a flat bench.”

Cutler continued to discuss how easy injuries can occur while bench pressing with a barbell.

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Jay Cutler Talks Injuries On Bench Press

Jay Cutler eliminated barbell bench press from his routine once he began focusing on bodybuilding as a true career, rather than just a hobby. This was to eliminate a big risk of injury, which comes along with barbell bench press.

“Everyone I know that has done a flat bench has torn their pec on the bench press. Okay, everybody. Eventually, the muscles get so tight, the density there, the tissue, you know people just done get the therapy enough.”


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Bench press is one of the most popular exercises in the gym, and many gym goers will use their bench press to determine how strong they are, but it can also cause major stress on the joints, particularly the shoulders.

“Honestly, it’s the worst exercise for your shoulder joint is the bench press barbell.”

Jay Cutler continues to share his tips of the trade on social media. He often shares workouts that helped his career take off and speaks to viewers throughout. Cutler has now built a popular social media page where fans can watch his workouts and listen to knowledge from one of the all-time greats.

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