Jay Cutler Discusses Bodybuilding’s Best Abs Of All-Time

Jay Cutler recently discussed then west abs ever.
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Who did Jay Cutler recognize as the best midsection ever?

Jay Cutler spends much of his time in the gym or discussing the current and former happenings around bodybuilding. In retirement, Cutler has created a successful social media page and this includes his Jaywalking segment on YouTube. During a recent walk, Cutler talked about the best midsections of all-time.

Cutler enjoyed a career on stage that saw him win four Olympia titles. He defeated Ronnie Coleman in 2006, ending his streak of eight consecutive titles. Cutler and Coleman had one of the great all-time rivalries on stage during the prime of their careers. Cutler ended up winning his first title and this began a string of four in five years.

From the early years of there were many athletes who were known for their abs. The topic began when Cutler was discussing Dorian Yates and his inspiration to build a crazy back on stage. 

“What about Thierry Pastel? He had a crazy midsection, dude. He might have had, honestly, the best midsection of all-time. Pretty crazy. I don’t know. People will argue that.”

The conversation continued with Cutler thinking of other names to add to the list.

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Jay Cutler Talks All-Time Great Midsections

Thierry Pastel began the list for Jay Cutler. At 5-foot-2, the French bodybuilder was one of the shorter competitors at the time but still made his way to the Olympia stage three times. 

Pastel won three WABBA World Championships and the 1987 European WABBA title. He quickly became known for his arms and midsection.

The conversation continued with fellow French bodybuilder Serge Nubret.

“Who else had crazy midsections like that?”

“I remember reading about all these guys. Serge had that crazy midsection, man.”


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Jay Cutler also mentioned Ahmad Haidar and Edward Kawak when discussing all-time great abs.

Cutler also focused on how training was different back then to what it is now:

“These guys did a lot, a lot of volume training. You know what’s crazy is that today’s systematic approach is so different. Everyone has all these theories. They had the drops sets and you know, pyramiding.

I think now, there’s so many different terms that it gets really confusing for people on what process they should actually take to build. I think it’s great for trial and error. Everyone should try a rep range and see how their body reacts.”

What would Jay Cutler tell you if you asked how to get the best results? It might not be what you think. He believes he over did it at times and would urge gym goers to use trial and error to see what works best.

“I would tell you try to eat the minimum and train the minimum with the best results. I feel like I overate and overtrained all the time.”

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