Jay Cutler Shares The One Supplement He Would Chose To Build Muscle

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Jay Cutler sticks to the basics with creatine as his best supplement.

Bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler’s influence extends to social media, where he has amassed a large following by sharing insights into proper nutrition and effective muscle-building exercises. Recently, he answered a question about the No. 1 product to build muscle and he chose creatine.

“Creatine. Okay, like I said, this is the longest researched and most effective product. Male or female, this product is great.”

Cutler was part of one of the greatest bodybuilding rivalries in history with Ronnie Coleman. He ended Coleman’s streak of eight consecutive Olympia victories in 2006. He would win back-to-back titles before losing to Dexter Jackson in 2008. Cutler would rebound with two more victories in 2009-10.

Beyond his athletic achievements, Cutler has also made a name for himself in the business world as the founder of Cutler Nutrition. His contributions to the sport were honored with the 2024 Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award, and he was inducted into the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame, cementing his legacy.

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Jay Cutler Talks Benefits Of Creatine

Jay Cutler chose creatine as his best muscle-building substance and backed it up with the well-researched nature of it. There are certain negative connotations that come with creatine and Cutler touched on those as well.

“Of course, you hear about ‘does it dehydrate you? Does it make you retain water?’ You should stay active with your drinking anyway. With creatine, as long as your diets in check, it’s a great product.”


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Creatine is great for recovery and gives weightlifters more strength in the gym as well.

“It’s going to make you more swell to the muscles. It’s going to give you more strength and recovery. There’s so many benefits.”

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Full Name: Jay Cutler
Weight  Height Date of Birth
265-275 lbs 5’9” 08/03/1975
Division Era Nationality
Men’s Open 2000s — 2010s American

Jay Cutler’s Top 3 Dumbbell Biceps Exercises

Jay Cutler has been known to give out plenty of fitness advice for gym goers. He shared his best dumbbell exercises for building biceps. Check them out below: 

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