Joe Rogan, Derek MPMD Believe Conor McGregor Used Steroids Post-Injury: “100% No Question About It”

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Joe Rogan and Derek from MPMD engaged in a conversation about UFC, steroids, and Conor McGregor’s recovery.

There are some major changes coming for the UFC next year. This involves its split with USADA and working with a new anti-doping partner. This was one of many topics discussed by Joe Rogan and Derek from More Plates More Dates during a recent conversation on The Joe Rogan Experience

The duo also discussed how they believe Conor McGregor used steroids to help recover from his leg injury. McGregor suffered a broken leg in July 2021 during his fight with Dustin Poirier. He has not made his return to the octagon just yet but is planning to once he is fully healed. Derek MPMD is in full support of those who use PEDs to return from injuries like the one McGregor suffered. The comments came after speculation of the UFC’s new drug testing being more “lax.”

“I certainly support guys taking things to recover from injuries like Conor did with his leg injury. 100% no question about it. I’m 100% all in on that. That’s the only way. No one comes back from that.”

Derek continued to explain how the new protocols will presumably “adhere to the WADA banned substance list.”

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Joe Rogan, Derek MPMD Talk Conor McGregor Injury

Joe Rogan and Derek MPMD went through the history of catastrophic injuries like the one that Conor McGregor suffered.

“No one has ever come back from that catastrophic leg break, the shin break. Not a single athlete has come back from it and performed at the same level. Anderson Silva is the one guy who came back and fought multiple times and he was not the same guy,” Rogan said.


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Steroids can help aid in recovery but once an athlete is off them, performance might be different. For McGregor, the results are unknown to this point because he has not stepped back in the ring but Derek MPMD claims that overcoming this might be a challenge in his return.

“To me, his faced looked like the first tie a guy takes gear. Oh wow, you’ve gained like 15 pounds of water.

I just don’t see how you can take two years off, multiple surgeries, get on juice, get off juice, then jump in there against the best in the world. Maybe he can do it but if I was his coach and the option is available, I’d say let’s get someone who is not even in the top 15.”

Joe Rogan has been adamant about certain fitness stars being on steroids over the years. This includes Chris Hemsworth and The Rock. Rogan was also one of the biggest critics against Liver King’s claim of being all-natural before Derek MPMD leaked emails against these claims.

The conversation continued as the two talked about how McGregor could still enjoy an advantage from his alleged past use of PEDs but there is no guarantee.


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“Let’s say a guy takes one cycle of testosterone at like a traditional amount that guys use. 500mg is a pretty common bodybuilder starting level cycle. That would gain you a significant amount of lean mass and strength and you would probably sustain that for again, as the hormones work their way out of the system. Even as they residually are leaving, you still have that bleed of hormones that’s sustaining even during your training.”

When Conor McGregor returns to the ring, there will be plenty of expectations for the former double champ. Will he be able to reach them? That is yet to be seen but Derek believes that this will be a big “legacy” moment.

“Conor has definitely got to win when he f*cking comes back. It’s kind of like his legacy. He’s got a lot to live up to.”

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