Joe Rogan Comments On Sam Sulek: “You Can Hear The Steroids In His Voice”

Joe Rogan commented on Sam Sulek and his incredible weight gain.
Sam Sulek/Joe Rogan Instagram

Joe Rogan spoke on Sam Sulek and his rise in bodybuilding.

Sam Sulek is a young bodybuilder that has gained plenty of attention recently for his insane size. The 21-year-old has a massive following on social media where he shows off his workouts and physique updates. Recently, Joe Rogan chimed in on Sulek and his weight gain in recent years.

Rogan, famous UFC commentator and podcast host, has created one of the most listened to shows in the world. On The Joe Rogan Experiencehe is able to discuss many topics and this includes fitness. He has discussed bodybuilding and steroids in the past on many occasions and it came up once again when he watched a video of Sulek on social media.

“You can hear the steroids in his voice…You don’t do that with oatmeal. No, you need some help.”

Many had criticized Rogan’s comments, as it has been said that Joe Rogan is one to use hormone replacement, so many fans say he had no right to comment on Sam Sulek’s potential usage of anabolics. However, we would like to note that hormone replacement therapies, such as testosterone replacement, are prescribed and closely monitored by the doctor.

Rogan is not the only influential voice to speak on Sam Sulek. Five-time Classic Physique champion Chris Bumstead recently discussed the up-and-comer with Urs Kalecinski. Bumstead claimed that Sulek has “taken over the world” at a young age, that is quite the compliment.

Sam Sulek
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Joe Rogan Talks Sam Sulek

Of course, steroids have been present in the sport of bodybuilding for many years and Rogan has been one to discuss the health issues. He is also known for calling out those who claim to be natural, such as Liver King. Rogan was onto Liver King’s steroid use before emails were leaked by Derek from More Plates More Dates, the popular Youtube channel that discusses anabolic topics.

Rogan was shocked by Sulek’s weight gain over the last four years. Since 2019, Sulek has gained upwards of 55 pounds in pretty much just muscle mass.

“So, he’s like 183 pounds in 2019. That’s crazy. That’s so much weight.”


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There have been many to accuse Sulek of steroid use, such as Greg Doucette and other fitness voices. There is concern for this due to the fact that Sulek is young but nothing has been confirmed or denied just yet, so we cannot officially comment on anything. What we do know is that Sulek has gained over four million followers on social media and rising, inspiring thousands of younger individuals to join the gym and get in shape.

What are your thoughts on Sam Sulek?

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