Joey Swoll Calls For Gym To Take Action After Man With Special Needs Is Mockingly Filmed

Joey Swoll was sent a video, and refused to share it, of a man with special needs in the gym.

A public gym is a place where anyone and everyone can go to better themselves. Recently, gym goers have started filming themselves working out and this is a harmless tactic if done with respect and responsibility. Joey Swoll has called out those who do so in a negative way and it was taken to another level recently.

Swoll shared on Instagram a statement calling for a gym to take action after a man with special needs was filmed in a mocking way. The video was sent to Swoll but he chose not to share it because it was with the intention of making fun of the man.

Swoll’s TikTok account has blown up over the last two years as he has spread the word against “toxic gym culture.” Because of his following of millions of fans, Swoll has taken the opportunity to defend those who might not have the same voice or platform. There are many instances where gym goers are treated unfairly or accused of acting inappropriately when in fact they are not.

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Swoll has also taken the time to defend women who are victims of inappropriate behavior in the gym. Recently, Swoll has called for those filming in the gym to act responsibility and respect other’s privacy if they do not want to be involved.

Joey Swoll

Joey Swoll: “It’s Very Sad What People Will Do”

On Friday, Joey Swoll took to a different platform to share a message. He took a screenshot of a tweet and shared it on Instagram calling for the gym to take action against those who filmed.

“Today I was sent a very disturbing video of someone filming a special needs man in the gym locker room to post on social media and make fun of him. I’m not going to share the video. Instead, I sent it to @PlanetFitness in hopes they do the right thing and take appropriate action.”


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Joey Swoll captioned the post: “It’s very sad what people will do to others just for attention on social media.”

Swoll has defended many over the years and continues to do so. His post has gained much attention over the last 24 hours as many back up his notion of calling for the gym to take action.

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