John Meadows discusses how William Bonac’s legs and genetic structure hold him back from earning an Olympia title.

William Bonac has been a top 5 Olympia bodybuilder for many years now – and for good reason. He maintains a spectacular physique year after year. Yet the Mr. Olympia title has eluded him. What can he do to give him that edge over the rest o the competition moving forward? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, John Meadows shares his take on William Bonac’s biggest weaknesses.

When you look at pro bodybuilder William Bonac, it’s hard to find anything specifically wrong with his physique. He brings a massive and conditioned package year after year. It’s why he is one of the most hyped pro bodybuilders and able to land top 5 at Olympia consistently.

Yet to this date, he has always fallen just short of earning the Mr. Olympia title. The closest he got was in 2019 where he placed second behind Brandon Curry. That’s why we turned to pro bodybuilding trainer John Meadows. During our conversation about the Olympia 2020 results, we wanted to know what Bonac could do to get the edge on the competition.

While John Meadows didn’t give specific advice on how William Bonac could improve – he did break down the weaknesses that are holding him back. Meadows briefly mentions that Bonac’s legs were slightly lacking at the Olympia 2020. But the big issue is something less in his control.

John Meadows explains that even with William Bonac maxed out to the best of his ability, his genetic structure can’t match up to someone like Big Ramy or Brandon Curry in their prime condition. Essentially, in Meadows opinion, Bonac’s genetics simply can’t match up to some of the other dominant pro bodybuilders.

Of course, it should be noted that victory is not solely dependent on a pro bodybuilders efforts alone. If the other competitors happen to be off on the night of the show – it can shift the odds in another bodybuilder’s favor. We’ve seen this happen with someone like Big Ramy. He placed 2nd in 2017 only the land 6th in 2018. This was solely due to his physique being a step down from the previous year.

No pro bodybuilder wants to rely on the failures of others to earn a victory. But it seems that might be the only way for William Bonac to get a Sandow trophy in his arms. At least, that’s what John Meadows believes. The wonderful thing about sports and competition is that anything can happen.

Many thought Shaun Clarida would never win a Men’s 212 Olympia… until he did. Many even swore that Brandon Curry could not win a Mr. Olympia… until he did. Nothing is certain.

Genetics will always play a role in bodybuilding. It’s what helped Phil Heath win seven Mr. Olympia titles in a row. But genetics alone do not decide champions. Perhaps with each passing year – William Bonac is adjusting to best compliment his physique to his genetic structure. It might just take one year to flip the switch and nail it. Just like Big Ramy in 2020.

You can watch John Meadow’s comments about William Bonac and the rest of the Olympia 2020 results in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.