Kevin Hart Shared Favorite Upper-Body Exercises & Ripped Physique Update On 45th Birthday

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Kevin Hart began focusing on his fitness years ago and is looking better than ever!

Kevin Hart is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and this means a lot of moving parts within his schedule. The comedian and actor has made sure to maintain a strict level of fitness through it all. Last week, Hart turned 45 and on his birthday, he shared a physique update and showed off some of his favorite upper-body movements.

Hart has been filming Borderlands, which is the recent movie he is starring in based on a best-selling video game. Hart has been apart of successful franchises such as Think Like A Man, Ride Along, and many more. He has also worked closely with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and the two have formed a friendship.

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Along with strength training, Hart has worked cardio into his routine. This includes training CrossFit, biking, and completing marathons. He has worked with numerous trainers and continues to change his routine to find the best that works for him.

Kevin Hart’s Favorite Upper-Body Exercises

On July 6, Kevin Hart celebrated his 45th birthday and showed off his shredded physique to fans. In the midst of his montage of photos, Hart was seen completing some of his favorite movements.

“Feeling my best at 45…. Happy Motha Fucking B Day to me!!!!!! Fit & 45 & loving it!!!!!”


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The following movements can be seen within the post:

There are many different variations to exercises on this list and that includes pull-ups.

narrow grip pull ups and chin ups
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Benefits Of Pull Ups

The benefits of pull ups should be an instant cue to implement these into your workout if you do not do so already. Pull ups are great strength builders for the entire upper body workout they provide is sure to keep you feeling big. But the functional strength is also something beneficial for all.

Everyday movements like walking, pushing, pulling, and turning can improve and you will build a solid relationship between your nervous and muscular systems. By increasing your back and core strength, better posture will become apparent and as a result you will look leaner and longer.

Pull ups will provide that boost to improve your physique and get that V-shape upper body everyone strives towards. Plus, you look great in the gym when you can push out non-stop reps on the bar for any number of sets.

Wide-Grip Pullup

Wide-grip pull ups will help cover your whole back since the distance to the bar is shorter than a normal or close-grip pullup. Unlike the close-grip, the wide-grip will not use the chest and bicep as much, thus relying more on the back to give you that stellar and strong back from a wide grip pull. You can even do a behind the neck pull with a pull up bar for a number of exercises.


  • Close-grip Pull Ups
  • Archer Pull Ups
  • Muscle Up
  • Towel Grip Pull Ups
  • Mixed Grip Pull Ups
  • Single Arm Pull Ups
  • Behind the Neck

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