Kevin James Discusses 60-Pound Weight Loss, 41-Day Fast: “It Cleansed Everything Out Of Me”

Kevin James lost 60 pounds during fast.
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Kevin James claims to have avoided food for 41 days during water-fast.

Kevin James has been open about his weight-loss journey over the course of his career, both on TV and on the big screen. Recently, he joined Joe Rogan to discuss how he was able to drop 60 pounds in just 41 days.

There are many fad diets that are being used to help people lose weight quickly. Often, there is not a toll of research being done as gym goers look for a quick fix to drop pounds. In recent years, Kali Muscle has taken on different methods in order to lose weight and improve his health.

Kali is no stranger to changes in his diet plan. He has cut down to one meal per day in the past and has also been on a kick of eating just fruit. Now, he spent a week cutting out food all together. Kali decided to speak on his decisions and weighed himself on day six to see where he was. He ended up losing just over nine pounds in one week.

James has tried many diets over the years and shared that going keto was one that was effective.

“The ketogenic thing, that for me, has worked. Dolce will hate me for saying it. He’s like, blueberries or carbs, carbs are fine for you. The right carbs…I’ve done everything. It all works for awhile but why am I this size now?”

Kevin James joined The Joe Rogan Experience and was able to discuss his incredible fast.


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Kevin James Loses 60 Pounds During Fast

Kevin James shared that he could lose weight quickly by just fasting. This is something he has done. Rogan brought up his 41-day fast without food.

“Water and a little sale, like a little electrolytes. When I lock on, I can do something. Well, that was fasting. It was mental.

I didn’t say I’m going to do 40 days. I just said I’m going to do whatever I can, I’m going to start fasting right now.”

James was asked how long it would take him to lose 50 pounds and his answer was “really quick.”


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During his water fast, Kevin James did not even take vitamins. He kept it simple with just water and electrolytes.

“It cleaned everything out of me. I’m not saying it’s the way to go.

I can lose it really quick. I could fast and lose it. Seriously, I could lose it quick, I could do it in a month.”

Kevin James has gone through weight-loss journeys before and knows what works for him at this point. He does not advocate for others to fast this long but it was able to help him drop 60 pounds.

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