Bodybuilding Legend Kevin Levrone Shares 12-Week Transformation Plan, Will He Return To Competition During Masters Olympia?

12-Week Transformation

Kevin Levrone recently shared his plan for a 12-week transformation. Will he return to the bodybuilding stage?

The potential return of the Masters Olympia competition in 2023 has created intrigue in some of the legendary competitors making a comeback. Kevin Levrone is on that list after sharing that he will undergo a 12-week physique transformation.

Levrone was one of the top bodybuilders in Men’s Open during the 90s. He was unable to capture the elusive Sandow Trophy but finished as the runner-up on four separate occasions. During this time, Levrone battled with the likes of Dorian Yates and Flex Wheeler. He is also a two-time Arnold Classic champion.

Levrone last competed in 2018, when he finished 13th at the Arnold Classic Australia. This came after returning in 2016 to compete in the Olympia. Levrone stopped competing in bodybuilding back in 2003 but did not officially retire.

Olympia President Jake Wood has discussed bringing the Masters Olympia competition back in 2023. If this happens, Kevin Levrone might be a contender to make a return.

Kevin Levrone

Kevin Levrone’s 12-Week Transformation

Kevin Levrone took to Instagram to share his 12-week transformation plan. In the caption, he explained ow he will be sharing weekly updates in real time so followers can try it for themselves.

“Day two of this 12-week transformation is complete for me. I just got done going through this workout. I’m going to post everything for you guys. Just check this clip out.

Meanwhile, I’m going to be posting also about my nutritional content that’s I’m taking in — my calories, my supplementation, this is something personal my 12-week journey. I hope you guys follow along so you can get off the sofa and get in shape too,” Levrone explained.


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Over the previous week or so, bodybuilding legends Dexter Jackson and Jay Cutler have also shared physique updates.

Cutler went through a posing routine but quickly squashed the idea of returning to competition. However, he kept the option of being a guest on stage open. As for Jackson, he continues to work in the gym and shared an update looking lean.

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Kevin Levrone is going through a full transformation and could have his eye on a return to competition. It is something he has done before and might be up to it again during the Masters Olympia.

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