Larry Wheels Attempts Ronnie Coleman’s 200-Pound Dumbbell Press Set Of 12 Reps

Larry Wheels hit Ronnie Coleman's legendary set of 200-pound dumbbell presses.
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Larry Wheels was able to reach the level of legendary bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman and hit one extra rep.

Larry ‘Wheels’ William is no stranger to fitness challenges and continues to take his feats of strength to the next level. Recently, he hit a legendary set that was once completed by Ronnie Coleman. Wheels hit the gym and he handled 200-pound dumbbells on an incline bench. Coleman’s set consisted of 12 reps, which Wheels has done before, and he was able to replicate this performance and add one final rep.

In this post, we detail how Larry Wheels attempted to do 8x Olympia champion Ronnie Coleman’s 200-pound dumbbell press set of 12 reps. 

“My all-time best is 12 and now I did 13.”

Wheels has been working many different exercises over the last few weeks. This includes a massive deadlift workout that saw him hit one rep, 20 times, every minute. The workout began with warmup sets before Wheels loading 700 pounds on the bar. He then began and he was on a routine of hitting one rep every minute on the minute. Wheels has also worked these 200-pound dumbbells into his shoulder workouts.

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Larry Wheels Crushes 200-Pound DB Incline Press

Larry Wheels hit some warmup sets before being handed the monstrous dumbbells. He tightened his elbow wraps and grabbed hold of the weight before beginning to pump out reps. The first 8-9 seemed to go up quickly before we locked in and finished at 13.

For this challenge, Wheels made surety limit his range of motion and not go all the way down with the weight. Using dumbbells of this level, it would be easy to lose control slightly and have the weight tilt. This is how injuries can happen and that is obviously what Wheels wanted to avoid.

“I was very tempted to tilt it and tap my chest but you know, that could be an inch away from a pec tear so that was my body’s limited range of motion.”


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Now that the 200-pound dumbbell press is complete, Larry Wheels wants to continue to go up a notch. He mentioned that he has 250- and 300-pound dumbbells being shipped to his gym.

“I got 250 and 300-pound dumbbells coming to the new gym. They’re for the freak of the freaks, guys who want to row it. I have a goal to incline bench press it at some point.

I wanna do 300s. That has never been done before. That’s uncharted territory.”

Wheels continues to outdo himself in the gym and fans are happy to see him moving big weight once again. There will be even more feats of strength shown moving forward.

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