Liver King Reveals He Is Back On Certain Steroids: “I’ve Done What I Needed To Do”

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Liver King wanted to stay open with his fans and share a recent update about his supplement use.

Liver King has vowed to remain open and honest with his fans about his current status. This led to a video being shared on Friday about going back on certain steroids. Liver King, who’s real name is Brian Johnson, shared that he is using testosterone and growth hormone once again.

In November, Derek from More Plates More Dates exposed emails proving that Brian Johnson was indeed on steroids. After the allegations, Johnson made a video where he admitted the truth and apologized for misleading his fans. Since then, he has not slowed down in the gym or moving around spreading his word.

After staying natural since, Johnson shared that he has lost strength and over 20 pounds of muscle. Because of this, he has started using certain supplements once again.

“I’ve decided to go back on it. I’m taking testosterone. It’s a cream. I’m doing three clicks of it a day. I’m also doing a growth hormone. It’s two clicks a day, which is really considered HRT or TRT. It’s hormone replacement therapy managed in the normal range not a superphysiological range.”

Liver King: “I’ve Proven What I Needed To Prove”

The journey for Liver King began right at the beginning of the 2023 calendar year. Since then, he has not taken any steroids but has continued his way of living and eating.

“This year, starting on January 2nd, I went 220 days without any steroid, without any growth hormone, without any peptide, without anything synthetic. If you call eating a pound of fresh, raw bull testicles everyday natural then I’ve been natty as fu*k for 220 days.”


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Of course, this led to weight loss and a change in his physique, which he has kept track of since. Due to this, Johnson saw a decline in his strength as well in certain lifts.

“I was about 206 pounds in December then I got all the way down to 182. I’ve lost over 20 pounds. Anyone I’ve interacted with in my life will tell me I look leaner. Anyone who doesn’t believe me, all you have to do is look at my social media photos. Look at it from December to now and tell me that you can’t tell the difference.”

After the news broke last year about Liver King being on steroids, he made a video sharing that he did not want to lie to his fans or put on that charade. This is the reason that he is deciding to share this update. He believes that he did what he needed to do in his journey.

“So why am I getting back on? I’ve done what I needed to do. I’ve proven what I needed to prove to me. The commitment I made to my boys, to my family, to all the primal out there, is that I would never lie again.”

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