The Best Way To Lose Weight – Fast

The Best Way To Lose Weight - Fast

The Guaranteed Way To Lose Body Fat

Many people get a gym membership to lose body fat but most of them quit after their high hopes die down. If losing fat was as easy as joining a gym, almost no one would have excess fat on their bodies.

A lot is said about weight loss, and most of what you hear from the bro-scientists is probably wrong. With this article, our goal is to break all the myths around fat loss so that you are empowered with the right knowledge.

Have A Goal

Most people make the mistake of not having a specific weight goal when they start on their weight loss journey. All they know is they want to lose fat. You need to have a specific goal if you’re serious about achieving your dream physique.

Without a specific goal, you can’t design a diet plan for yourself as you wouldn’t know how much weight you need to lose every week. Your daily caloric intake is dependent on your current and goal body weight.

With the amount of weight you want to lose, you should also set a time goal for yourself. Doing so will help fasten up the process, keep you on the timeline and will make you accountable.

Fix Your Calorie and Macro Goals

To be honest, weight loss isn’t as intimidating as many people make it. Your diet, training, and recovery are all you need to take care of. Setting a daily calorie goal is the first step towards cutting away your body fat.

Once you have your daily calorie goal, you can set your macronutrients goal as per your needs. If you don’t have the proper knowledge and skills to design your own diet, you should consult a professional to save yourself time and effort.

If you’re not losing the right amount of weight every week, you can make adjustments to your daily calorie and macronutrient intake goals. Hitting the right calorie goal for yourself can take some trial and error and you should be willing to experiment with different food.

A basic thing you should know is that you need to cut down 500 calories from your current daily calorie intake to lose 1lb of fat in a week. Make sure you don’t go crazy and keep the calorie deficit between 500-1000 calories a week.

Never Skip Cardio

We wish losing body fat was as easy as fixing what you ate. You can’t take cardio out of the equation when it comes to losing weight. If you want to lose weight fast, you should consider doing two cardio sessions in a day.

The first cardio session should be a 30-45 minute LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State training) session which you should ideally perform on an empty stomach. HIIT should be the second cardio session which should last anywhere between 10-20 minutes.

Avoid Starting A Fancy Diet

Many people make the mistake of starting a fancy diet when they want to lose weight. You should look to change your lifestyle so that the weight loss is sustainable and the weight doesn’t come back when you stop the specialized diet.

While IIFYM, Keto, IF, etc. might all sound like great ways to lose weight, you shouldn’t get too excited about trying them. Making adjustments to your lifestyle will pay better dividends in the long run as compared to experimenting with new diet plans.

How the right Fat Burners can Help

Many people including most bodybuilders look for the best fat burner and muscle building supplement that mobilizes body fat and helps increase metabolism so it burns off and maintains muscle.

In order to develop lean muscle mass and a balanced look, research has provided valuable input on how an HMB1 fat burner product can preserve muscle protein during fasted training. More specifically, during a cut, you can continue shedding fat through your diet and training while protecting that hard-earned muscle.

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