Mark Wahlberg 4 a.m. Workout Video Shows Off Six-Pack Abs

Mark Wahlberg abs

Mark Wahlberg still has abs for days at the age of 51. 

Mark Wahlberg is no stranger to staying fit and has kept in shape since his Calvin Klein underwear modeling days. Wahlberg is also went viral for his early morning workout routine . We’re well into 2023, and he still sticks to that schedule because it is effective. And that’s apparent in the recent video Wahlberg uploaded to show social media showcasing his abs. Check out the clip below:


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His day starts at 2:30 am when most people are still asleep, but this is possible because he goes to bed by 7:30 pm. That gives his body a good seven hours of rest to recover and prepare for the next day.

Then he typically does two workout sessions daily and has four meals to replenish his body. He also does a cryotherapy recovery session after his workouts. During quarantine, his timing shifted a bit later to waking up at 9 am. The reason was that he wasn’t actively working and was just in maintenance mode. 

Apart from the recognition for starring in Transformers and Deep Water Horizon, this star is also known for being jacked. From sculpted abs to rock-solid quads, Wahlberg has it all and loves to show it off on his Instagram. Luckily, he also regularly shares his diets and workout routines so we can learn a thing or two. 

Are you interested in the sculpted Mark Wahlberg abs and how he got them? Then it’s your lucky day. He recently showed off his six-pack in a 4 am workout video even though it was leg workout day for him. In the Instagram video, Wahlberg joked:

“Friends don’t let friends skip legs.”

So we did a deep dive to learn about and compile how he keeps and maintains his abs. We found some essential details that everyday fitness enthusiasts can incorporate into their routines.

Mark Wahlberg’s Diet

Besides his impressive training schedule, Wahlberg takes care of his body with a plant-based diet. His journey started as a two-week trial towards the end of last year and has morphed into a lifestyle choice. He’s been on it for the past four months, even sticking to plant-based protein shakes during this period of lent fasting.

A plant-based diet can help you lose weight quickly, and proponents of this lifestyle say they feel more energetic. It emphasizes consuming whole foods like legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and seeds. 

The key is to be strategic and remember that a plant-based diet doesn’t mean you eat only plants. However, when you do take animal products, your portion size and frequency are less than you would with a typical non-plant-based meal.

Supporting your plant-based diet with a plant-based protein powder is also a great idea — since it can be more challenging to get enough protein to support muscle growth from plant-based foods alone. Mark Wahlberg makes a shake with his meal as extra insurance. Bodybuilding has significant protein needs, and a protein shake helps ensure you meet them. 

One problem that weightlifters must address with a plant-based diet is getting enough calories. A plant-based diet contains a lot of fiber, making you feel full faster. Hence, you’ll have to actively take steps to meet your caloric intake goals and consume enough carbohydrates for energy. 

We also recommend you take some supplements when on a plant-based diet. Animal products are the primary source of vital nutrients like vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, not spending enough time outdoors (from only relying on indoor workouts) can lead to a deficiency in vitamin D, which plays a role in your muscle fiber reactions. Without this critical vitamin, your workouts will suffer. 

Mark Wahlberg Abs and Workout Protocol


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Mark Wahlberg follows a high-intensity training (HIIT) framework for shredding at the gym. He typically does a 45 minutes session and is very committed to his training. HIIT is a great training protocol for the abs Mark Wahlberg supports. In addition, studies show that HIIT workouts can reduce your waist circumference and overall body fat (1)

It could also help to increase your metabolic rate after your exercise — known as the “afterburn effect” — and can even shift your metabolism towards using fats rather than carbs for energy, which will help stimulate fat loss. HIIT also helps overall well-being, including reducing blood sugar and blood pressure

Strength training might be ideal for you if you want to build muscle rather than focusing on HIIT workouts. While research has shown it to help build muscle in less active people before incorporating it, it’s different for people that exercise. In addition, research shows that HIIT did not increase muscle mass in active people (2). For that, weight training remains the gold standard for packing on mass.

Now, let’s briefly examine how Mark Wahlberg breaks down his workouts. 

RAMP Warmups

Warmups set the tone for your exercise routine, and you must get it right to achieve maximum results. Mark Wahlberg adopts the RAMP principle, which primes him for a great training session. 

The first two letters in RAMP stand for Raise, which means elevating your heart rate, and Activate, which suggests activating the muscle groups you’ll focus on for the day. The third is Mobilize, which leads you to work on your range of motion and mobility. Then lastly, Potentiate is about priming your neuromuscular system to bear and lift a weight. 

Mark Wahlberg starts his morning with RAMP warmups. Hip bridges and foam rolling are a part of this routine for him. In addition, you could include a barbell complex, mini-band walks, and toe touch squats. Many exercises could give you effects with more than one component of the RAMP protocol.

BFR Training

Wahlberg also includes Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training in his routine. This involves using a tight band or strap to restrict blood flow to a muscle you want to exercise. This low oxygen situation forces that muscle to work harder and increase protein synthesis in the cells of that muscle. This is necessary for improving muscle growth and repair.

BFR helps to maximize workout results at lower levels (3). This can help people who experience pain and have a lower endurance level. Even though Olympic athletes have researched and used this routine, you should work with an experienced professional to try this training approach. 

Bilateral and Unilateral Strength Moves

Mark Wahlberg continues his workout with bilateral (multi-join) and unilateral (single-joint) exercises using dumbbells and kettlebells to work both limbs together or individually. Mixing in bilateral and unilateral movement will give him the best of both worlds. Bilateral exercises to focus on pure strength. And unilateral exercises to fix lagging muscle groups and improve stability. He also does balance and agility exercises to strengthen his lower body.

Cryotherapy Recovery Session

Finally, Mark Wahlberg ends his workout with a cryotherapy recovery session. This process employs cold compression therapy to reduce muscle recovery time after workouts. In addition, it stimulates your blood and lymphatic fluids to bring oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and tissues. Cryotherapy also helps to reduce inflammation.

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