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Melt Fat and Ignite Your Transformation with Inno Supps Shred Inferno 

Being shredded is something that many people look to achieve, yet many fall short in getting there. Whether you are looking to drop body fat percentage for a bodybuilding competition, a photo shoot, being beach ready, or whatever the reason, there are plenty of ways to do it. Now, diet and cardio, as well as resistance training, are huge factors in melting fat, but supplementation is huge when it comes to taking your fat loss a step further. The issue is there are so many fat burners that do not do what they say they will. However, one fat burner stands out: Inno Shred Inferno from Inno Supps.

You may have seen us review some of Inno Supps’ products before, and that is because we stand by this brand wholeheartedly. So, let’s break down fat burners, as well as what Inno Supps Inferno.

What are Fat Burners?

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Fat burners are nutritional supplements claimed to have effects on the body that help with acutely increasing fat metabolism or energy expenditure, impairing fat absorption, accelerating weight loss, increasing fat oxidation during exercise, or somehow causing long-term adaptations that promote fat metabolism. Fat burners are not a substitute for diet and exercise but are rather supplements meant to help accelerate progress.

Benefits Of Fat Burners For Weight Loss

For those wondering why taking a fat burner is essential, there are some amazing benefits of using these supplements. The best ones on the market will give you serious gains.

For starters, fat burners work to kickstart your metabolism so you start to burn stubborn belly fat and more calories for increased weight loss. This will allow for a better energy boost and less fat stored (1). They also help to eliminate hunger and snacking by working to suppress your appetite to prevent stubborn belly fat from forming. With fat used as fuel, your energy levels and cognitive function will improve, allowing for more focus and alertness along with a serious energy boost. 

People often worry that when cutting you will lose your muscle, but with fat burner supplements, you keep on that hard-earned lean muscle while shedding fat, so you don’t lose those sought-after gains. Then, you will avoid the dreaded muscle breakdown.

Common Issues With Fat Burners

There are a lot of issues that can be associated with over-the-counter fat burners. For one, many are pumped full of ingredients that may cause allergic reactions or other harmful side effects. 

Other issues with fat burners include digestive problems. Digestion is an essentially important part of the bodybuilding process, and when things such as your supplements disrupt that, it can prohibit you from making progress.

Another side effect of fat burners can be heart issues, which can result from the ingredients in these supplements. 

Ingredients to Look for in Fat Burners

Caffeine: Many think that caffeine is just for pre-workouts or energy drinks, but it boosts thermogenesis for increased weight loss and fat loss while increasing energy.

CLA: CLA might help reduce body fat deposits and improve immune function.

Green Tea: The caffeine found in green tea is a well-known stimulant known to aid fat-burning and improve exercise performance in numerous studies.

Our Top Choice of Fat Burner

Now, we have had the pleasure of sampling many different fat burners at Generation Iron, and one that truly stands out to us is Inno Supps Inno Shred Inferno. Let’s break it down.

Inno Shred Inferno Overview

Inno Shred Inferno is a doctor-approved solution to help achieve rapid fat loss and laser-sharp mental cognition naturally.

Inno Shred Inferno is designed to ignite 24/7 fat incineration and kickstart your metabolism. Inferno also helps build lean muscle while working to reduce your body fat levels, so you do not have to worry about losing those hard-earned gains. Also, entering a cut and burning fat can leave you mentally clouded, but with Inferno, you can achieve peak mental cognition and focus. 

Inno Shred Inferno Ingredients

Inno Shred Inferno

CHROMAX® – 200 mcg: This premium form of chromuim blocks carbohydrate absorption, helping to curb cravings for carb-heavy, sugary foods to support healthy blood sugar levels and maximize weight loss.

ENXTRA® – 300 mg: The first part of the mental cognition complex in Inferno helps to increase mental alertness by 91% for peak mental focus, mental clarity and a positive mood by optimizing dopamine levels.

NATURAL CAFFEINE – 200 mg: The second part of the mental cognition complex helps to unlock explosive, all-day energy and alertness without jitters or mid-day crashes.

MITOBURN® – 250 mg: For thermogenic afterburn activation, the “exercise molecule” Mitoburn® unlocks the fat-burning, metabolism-boosting, and health-enhancing effects of intense exercise — with or without stepping foot in a gym! Plus, it’s clinically shown to increase body fat loss by up to 40%.

PARADOXINE® – 40 mg: This is the first part of the 24/7 fat incineration complex and helps to amplify your body’s calorie-burning potential, curb cravings and help transform white fat into thermogenic, metabolism-boosting brown fat to maintain a lean physique year-round (2).

EVOTHIN® – 20 mg: The second part of the 24/7 fat incineration complex helps ignite thermogenesis while preventing the formation of new fat cells to attack stubborn fat with a one-two punch.

RAUWOLSCINE – 1.5 mg: The third and final part of the 24/7 fat incineration complex rips loose stubborn fat to utilize it for energy and maximize weight loss while supporting appetite and curbing cravings.

Scientific Studies

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There are also studies that back up the effectiveness of Inferno, especially the MitoBurn® ingredients. MitoBurn® has been shown to increase thermogenic activity in white adipose tissue through a process known as the “thermogenic production” effect, leading to enhanced calorie burn and fat loss.

MitoBurn® has also been shown to induce the activation of brown adipose tissue, increasing body fat loss by about 40% compared to control.

Another one of the ingredients, EnXtra®, was given to a group in this study as well. This group showed a consistent improvement in alertness time and mental acuity for up to 5 hours without an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

Price: $64.99 for 30 servings


Who should use fat burners?

Fat burners should be used by people already on the fat loss journey. If you are morbidly obese, fat burners will not replace the hard work and diet that go along with the fat loss journey.

Are fat burners safe?

These supplements generally are safe, but it is always best to consult with a primary care physician before using them.

Wrap Up

Overall, there are plenty of fat burners on the market to choose from, and that can be difficult. However, one fat burner that stands out to us is Inno Shred Inferno. 

Will you be giving it a try?

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