Nick Walker Addresses Criticisms, Prep For 2024 Olympia: “We’re About To Go Full Throttle, We’re On A Roll”

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Pro Bodybuilder Nick Walker is preparing to hit prep hard for the 2024 Olympia.

2021 Arnold Classic champion Nick Walker has heard criticisms following his 2024 NY Pro win and recently opened up about them, along with his prep for the 2024 Olympia.

Walker was victorious during the New York Pro, which was his second career win during this event. He is now qualified for the Olympia and plans to bring his best package yet. During a recent episode of The Mutant & The MouthWalker touched on what has been said about his physique.

“I just think that when you’re at the top now, It’s just unfortunately negativity gets views. They are just going to nitpick everything. I mean, nowadays, people can know if you’re just being dumb.

With me and my waist, that’ll be my nickname forever basically. I could come in, I feel like, I could practice getting a vacuum, hit it on stage, and everybody would be like ‘oh, his obliques were still wide though.”

Walker plans to take his training into high gear at the 16-week mark, which will come next week.

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Nick Walker Talks 2024 Olympia Prep

Nick Walker is set to take the intensity up a notch during this prep and make the necessary improvements.

“I just kicked up the training intensity as of last week so we’re about to go full throttle, I believe next week or so, and that’ll be like 16 weeks out.”

We’re on a roll. My body, I always make sure I execute the rebound phase as best as possible while also trying to enjoy food when I go out with the family.”

A major part of prep is the diet plan. Walker follows his own strict plan and even brings out a container if he is out with his family. At the same time, he likes to enjoy a meal following a show.

“For once, my family, they don’t care if I bring a meal out. They just want me to come out but sometimes after a show, I want to also just be able to enjoy a meal and not bring a container if I don’t necessarily have to sometimes.”

All eyes will be on Nick Walker as he prepares for the 2024 Olympia. He believe that he would have been a contender in 2023 but suffered a hamstring injury that kept him off stage.

Walker’s training will begin to take the next step as he manages fatigue.

“Right now, It’s just Friday’s then it turns into two days a week and then it kind of turns into every day. Right now, we’re just increasing calories very slowly. Managing training fatigue, cardio fatigue, literally taking it day-by-day.”

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