Nick Walker Shares New Physique Update: “We Just Getting Started”

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Nick Walker looks shredded in his latest physique update.

Nick Walker is working toward a return to the stage during the 2024 New York Pro. Walker has not yet qualified for the 2024 Olympia and this is the ultimate goal during the year. As Walker continues to work in the gym, he shared a recent physique update looking shredded.

Walker quickly rose to the top of the Men’s Open division in a relatively short amount of time. This includes winning the New York Pro during his rookie year. In 2021, he was crowned champion of the Arnold Classic before hitting the Olympia. He has two top-five finishes in each of the last two years and was a hopeful for this year as well. Unfortunately, Walker suffered a hamstring injury that kept him out of the 2023 Olympia.

Walker has recovered from his hamstring injury. During the first week of January, Walker hit his first leg day and it has been a straight shot up from there. The Arnold Classic just passed, a competition that Walker won back in 2021, and set standards in Men’s Open with Hadi Choopan bringing an incredible physique.

Walker believes that he is still a threat to the Olympia crown in October and showed it off during a recent physique update.

Nick Walker machine lateral raise

Nick Walker Shares Massive Physique Update

Nick Walker’s latest post shows off a slim waist with an insane upper body that continues to add muscle.

“We just getting started”

Walker announced at the end of January that he plans to compete in the New York Pro. This is a show that Walker won during his rookie year back in 2021. Now, he will return to the stage hoping to qualify for the Olympia.


By the looks of his recent physique updates, Nick Walker looks like he is getting stage ready and ready to take the Men’s Open division by storm once again. The ultimate goal of winning the Olympia remains at the forefront.

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