Nick Walker Talks Negative Comments: “I Let Them Get To Me, I’m In A Much Better Spot Now”

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Nick Walker is back on track after an initial wave of negative comments.

Nick Walker has heard the criticisms surrounding his latest performance and his physique. Recently, in a post on social media, Walker addressed his mindset and how it has changed.

Walker was victorious during the New York Pro, which was his second career win during this event. He is now qualified for the Olympia and plans to bring his best package yet. All eyes will be on Nick Walker as he prepares for the 2024 Olympia. He believe that he would have been a contender in 2023 but suffered a hamstring injury that kept him off stage.

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In 2022, Walker finished third at the Olympia. He was considered one of the best in Men’s Open but has received criticism following his performance at the NY Pro, despite the victory.

““This wasn’t his best look”
“He’s been more conditioned”
“This was an underwhelming look for Nick”
“ this Olympia is going to be hard for him”

For a minute these comments bothered me, I did let them get to me. Than I decided to start looking at the glass half full, if ya think this wasn’t my best, that’s fine, I STILL came out on top.”

Walker continued to discuss his mindset as he preps for the biggest show of the year.

Nick Walker Instagram

Nick Walker Addresses Criticisms

Walker has a chance to prove all doubters wrong with a strong summer of work. That is the plan now after he cleared his head and was able to put these comments behind him.

“Now I feel I am personally in a much better spot now then I was prior mentally and physically, closer to @mattjansen8 so we leave no stones unturned, better atmosphere all around, clear head.

Basically 16 weeks until Olympia, I’ve been counted out of every single one of them, all I can say is GAME ON”

The 2024 Olympia is a few months away and Nick Walker will begin to hit his prep. He is as determined as ever following criticisms entering the biggest show in the sport.

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