Jay Cutler On Nick Walker’s Olympia Chances: “He’s Not Showing A Top 3 Physique”

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Jay Cutler questions whether Nick Walker can finish in the top three at the 2024 Olympia.

Nick Walker has been the topic of many conversations since the 2024 New York Pro ended. Walker was crowned champion but it did not come without controversy surrounding his physique. During a recent episode of Cutler CastJay Cutler spoke about Walker’s prospects for the 2024 Olympia. 

Walker won his second NY Pro this year by defeating Martin Fitzwater. Walker entered with great muscle mass but the results ended up being much closer than originally expected.

“Nick, he’s under a big pressure right now because now he’s qualified, he’s one of the few by the way. He has to step up because right now, they talked about him being third in the world, even though he missed last year. I think it’s kind of crazy. It’s what have you done for me lately.”

The question remains, can Nick Walker make it back to the top three at the Olympia?

Nick Walker 2024 New York Pro
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Jay Cutler: “He Did Not Show Up As Expected”

Walker finished third during the 2022 Olympia. His rise in Men’s Open has been quick but took a hit when he suffered a hamstring injury that forced him to miss the 2023 Olympia. He is now qualified and needs to make further improvements, according to Cutler.

“He’s not showing the third place physique, based on my opinion, the feedback of the contest. He’s getting a lot of criticism because the waist was a little wider but in a sense, it’s like he goes to the Arnold, they tell him you’re too lean, you need to be more powerful like he was when he got third at the Olympia, right?”

Cutler believes that Walker did not show up in his best shape and that is what’s needed to compete with the top of the top in Men’s Open.

“He did not show up as expected. We thought he was going to walk in here and absolutely demolish these guys. He still won, yes, it was a point decision. I don’t care what they say, he’s not normal. This is not the best version of Nick Walker we’ve seen.”

Derek Lunsford and Hadi Choopan are considered the early favorites to battle it out for the 2024 Olympia title. Can Nick Walker throw his name into contention? It will be interesting to see improvements made over the summer.

“They are already making predictions where you watch, this year’s Olympia, they are not going to have Nick at the top to threaten Hadi and Derek at this point.”

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