Terrick El Guindy Says “Don’t Sleep” On Nick Walker During 2023 Olympia: ‘This Guy Might Actually Do It’

Terrick El Guindy backs Nick Walker after his most recent performances.

Nick Walker has become one of the top bodybuilders in the world early in his career. He is coming off two top-three finishes in the two biggest shows in bodybuilding. After the 2023 Arnold Classic, many are discussing his potential come the end of the year. Instead of criticizing, Olympia judge Terrick El Guindy spoke highly of Walker and his physique.

During the 2022 Olympia, Walker was able to catapult into the top three. He entered the Arnold Classic in March as the favorite but was topped by Samson Dauda. Walker finished as the runner-up after reluctantly entering the show in the first place. He admitted that he did not want to do the Arnold initially but entered once the prize was raised.

During a recent episode of Prime Time Muscle on OlympiaTV, El Guindy discussed bodybuilding with Chris Cormier. The two agreed that Nick Walker should not be slept on.

Arnold Classic

Can Nick Walker Win The Olympia?

Nick Walker has been a polarizing figure in bodybuilding since bursting onto the scene. After the Arnold, there are even more discussions about his potential come the Olympia. El Guindy believes that there should not be this much criticism.

“I’m sick and tired of people doubting Nick Walker. A lot of people saying his shape is not good. He shut up all of you. He shut all the doubters the hell up. He’s the unstoppable undeniable force. He keeps moving up. Don’t sleep on him. He keeps telling us he’ll be Mr. Olympia and by the way things are going, this guy might actually do it.”

In 2022, Derek Lunsford was able to make the jump from 212 to Men’s Open. After putting on insane size, Lunsford finished as the runner-up to Hadi Choopan during the Olympia. The top three will be in contention for the title once again, along with Dauda.

Because of this, El Guindy spoke on the alleged tension between Walker and Lunsford. He believes that Walker is not pleased with Lunsford surpassing him during his first Men’s Open Olympia competition.

“I think there’s some tension between Derek Lunsford and Nick Walker. Backstage when Lunsford was taking off his clothes, I could see Nick Walker sizing him up and vice versa. Those are the young guns coming out.

They believe that Hadi might be there one or two more years. Eventually, Hadi will come out of the party and Derek and Nick will be fighting for the Mr. Olympia.”

There is still plenty of time before the 2023 Olympia comes around. It will be an interesting summer as bodybuilders now prepare for the biggest show of the year. Like last year, it will be a deep division with plenty of talent at the top. Walker remains in that group and believes he can win the event.

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