Phil Heath’s 2022 Mr. Olympia Predictions: Hadi Choopan & Brandon Curry Can Beat Big Ramy

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7x Mr. Olympia bodybuilding champ Phil Heath believes Hadi Choopan has the slight edge over Brandon Curry to possibly beat Big Ramy at The 2022 Mr. Olympia.

7x Mr. Olympia Phil Heath has revealed his initial predictions for the 2022 Mr. Olympia. In a recent video interview, Heath goes into detail about the current Olympia lineup and predicts that both Hadi Choopan and Brandon Curry have potential to defeat Big Ramy “if he leaves the door open.” Heath ultimately gives a slight edge to Choopan based on what he’s seen recently.

While it still might be a bit early to be making predictions for the 2022 Mr. Olympia, when a 7x Mr. Olympia legend speaks – you start to listen. In prep for his upcoming commentary duties this year, Phil Heath took part in an extensive interview discussing the current Olympia lineup and who has the most potential to win the trophy. He gives a deep analysis of Big Ramy and also his thoughts on the few who could possibly disrupt his reign.

There has been much talk about the rising tide of young bodybuilders finally coming into their own. Nick Walker has been the most hyped rising star – with some even believing the can take the entire Olympia title this year. Other notable mentions are Hunter Labrada, Andrew Jacked, and newcomer Michal Krizo – who has yet to earn his IFBB Pro card but is hyped by many including Jay Cutler.

However, at this moment, Phil Heath still believes that the old guard will hold onto their positions this year. Heath acknowledges the strong and deep talent of the young rising stars – but believes that last year’s top three will still be the ones to bring the most heat. Specifically, he believes that Hadi Choopan and Brandon Curry are the two best bets to win the 2022 Mr. Olympia – that is if Big Ramy slips up.

You can check out the full video below:

Phil Heath’s predictions on who can defeat Big Ramy at the 2022 Mr. Olympia

Phil Heath starts off discussing Big Ramy himself – who he still believes is the top contender to win the Mr. Olympia this year. He only believes that Ramy will fall behind if he “leaves the door open.” What does he mean by that? Not making enough improvements. Heath – like many other bodybuilders – acknowledges that the judges expect a returning Olympia champion to not only look the same but look even better than the previous year. If Ramy can’t pull that off, he leaves the door open for others to slip in.

This led to Phil Heath being asked who could possibly take down Big Ramy if he left that door open. Heath sticks with consistency and looks towards the top placings last year – Hadi Choopan and Brandon Curry.

“You gotta go with the top three. You got to go with Brandon and Hadi. That was who was in the mix last year. I would say based on what I saw recently, Hadi. I’m not biased because I’ve worked with Hany. That dude has some serious muscle. All it takes is for Ramy to slip. We saw that happen last year. He wasn’t better than when he won his first one.”

However, Phil Heath also points out that there is a world of difference between seeing a physique in person versus in photos or video. Heath hasn’t seen every single of the top contenders in person – which he admits creates a wild card in his predictions.

“Usually, if you leave the door open for two years, things can happen right. This is what sucks by not being there live and just seeing pictures and some video. I haven’t seen Nick Walker in person. I’ve not seen him compete in person. Of course, you’re going to lean towards him being a disruptor. No question about it. I believe he is the youngest disruptor out of anyone in the world.”

Phil Heath points out Nick Walker as having real potential to disrupt this year’s Mr. Olympia. But he falls short of saying he could win – in part because he has not seen Walker in person himself.


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Phil Heath shares his opinion of Michal Krizo’s physique

Phil Heath also touches base on the latest hyped athlete of the season – Michal Krizo. Originally an IFBB Elite Pro competitor, Krizo recently announced he would be moving to the IFBB Pro league. He has yet to earn his pro card but the hype is so strong with him that some believe he will become pro and qualify for Mr. Olympia in time to compete in 2022.

While Heath sees why Krizo has earned the hype, he also thinks that it’s too soon to really expect him to do any major damage this year. Phil Heath believes that Michal Krizo still has some holes in his physique.

“What I saw, he [Michal Krizo] looked great. When he was at Gold’s Venice and Jay was with him and stuff, I thought he looked really good, but I do see holes in the physique. I see holes in everything right. I think he definitely needs to work on his presentation. Even when you research his contest videos, he can’t hold poses very long. Just look at the tape.”

It’s fantastic to see Phil Heath really take on the role of a bodybuilding analyst (and future commentator) for the sport of bodybuilding. His thoughtful analysis of the current lineup of competitors is exactly the kind of conversation that helps raise the stakes for the upcoming Mr. Olympia.

That being said, Phil Heath may be commentating this year – but that doesn’t mean he won’t be returning to compete again. He has been silent about any plans but a recent post claiming, “I ain’t done yet. I’m just getting started,” gives fans hope that he will hit the stage again in the future.

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