How Nick Walker Works Out For Intensity & Crazy Huge Hamstrings

Nick Walker

Nick Walker is an absolute beast and this hamstring focused workout is proof as to why.

Nick Walker, also known as The Mutant, is a professional bodybuilder fresh off two big wins at the 2021 New York Pro Championships and 2021 Arnold Classic Championships. Knowing exactly what it takes to win, he tailors his workouts so he only sees massive gains. Plus, with a large following on social media, he can use his platform to promote himself while inspiring others.

For so many of us, we have these generic workout plans which just seem fine. They make us sweat, give our muscles a burn, and keep us active. But everything about them is average. We need something to juice our workouts up, keep us fully engaged, and ensure we only see massive gains. Looking to professional bodybuilders and other strength athletes is exactly what we need to succeed and by working to better tailor our workouts to our specific goals, the right workout from one of our idols can be a game changer.

Nick Walker is certainly someone to take note of for he knows exactly what it takes to succeed on the world’s biggest stages. As someone who walks amongst giants every day, he has the right plans and the right course of action to see those massive gains we want most.

Full Name: Nick Walker

Weight Height Date Of Birth
250-270 lbs. 5’7’’ 01/23/1990
Profession Era Nationality
Bodybuilder 2010 American

These hamstring workouts from Nick Walker can seriously enhance your hamstring strength and size so your entire physique is a well-rounded and well-oiled machine. With two hamstring workouts, you can place them in one week and work for bigger gains with more muscle confusion and increased growth.

Nick Walker

About Nick Walker

Nick Walker overcame a lot in his childhood and as he got older, things started to look bleak, for his mental health struggles were taking over. But his resiliency showed through when he found lifting and a passion was born from this struggle. Once he felt ready, and after spending time crafting a physique, he was ready to compete.

His first competition was after he graduated high school, and although the result may not have been what he wanted, he was proud of himself for giving it a go and taking the challenge head on.

From there on, there was no stopping Nick. After just turning pro, he has already won the New York Pro and Arnold Classic, with a top five finish at Mr. Olympia as well. In what was a strong year for Nick, the bodybuilding world is exciting to see what this rising star has left in him.

Nick Walker

Nick Walker Crazy Hamstring Workouts

These hamstring workouts from Nick are sure to fire up your muscles and give you a great workout as you look to increase strength and size in those often overlooked hamstrings. With these great workouts, there is no longer an excuse to miss leg day, for these can really spark growth and add to your great physique.

A mix of compound and isolation exercises, these two workouts offer great variety and allow you to focus on what matters which is building muscle, toning your physique, and adding to your overall gains. A great way to get attention from the judges, really beef up your hamstrings and give your physique that well-rounded look it needs most.

Hamstring Workout #1

Exercises Sets Reps
Seated Leg Curls 4 10-12
Hip Adductors 4 10-12
Hip Thrusts 2 10-12
Romanian Deadlifts 4 8-10
Inverse Leg Curls 3 10-12

Hamstring Workout #2

Exercises Sets Reps
Leg Curls 3 10
Bench Lunge with DB 3 10
Seated Hip Adductors 3 10
Barbell Romanian Deadlift 3 12
Lying Hamstring Curls 3 8
Leg Extensions 3 8
Calf Raises 3 10

Why Your Hamstrings Matter

Your hamstrings go from your hips to your knees and are crucial for functional movements, as well as those sport specific ones. For those looking to increase power, this movement involves the hamstrings. Same with anything to do with running or jumping as your hamstrings work to absorb the shock better. With potential to impact things like posture and imbalances, it is crucial to keep your hamstrings loose and limber. For those looking to increase their bodybuilding goals, your hamstrings will make your legs pop and you will have that lower body aesthetic worthy of the Olympia stage. Looking at Nick Walker’s hamstrings, he certainly knows this to be true.

Nick Walker

Best Supplements For Serious Gains

When it comes to building muscle and adding to your overall gains, there are a few supplements we wanted to share as you look to improve. You know about protein powders and what they can do for growth and recovery, but consider pairing them with creatine, to increase strength and size, or a mass gainer, to increase overall mass and allow for serious muscle to be built. On top of that, looking to something like casein protein will help with overnight repair and recovery by acting as a slow-digesting protein to really enhance gains.

  • Protein Powders for growth and recovery
  • Creatine to increase strength and size
  • Mass Gainer for muscle mass
  • Casein Protein for maximum recovery
  • Multivitamins for under consumed vitamins
  • Omega-3 Supplements for polyunsaturated fat and fatty acids
  • Super greens for vital nutrients

As you grind in the gym, it is also important to stay as healthy as possible so including supplements like multivitamins and omega-3 supplements, as well as super greens, can ensure you get all those vital nutrients into your body so you never suffer from a deficiency.

Wrap Up

These two hamstring workouts from Nick Walker can greatly improve all areas of your gains and allow for better development overall. As an often times overlooked muscle, your hamstrings deserve the best from you and can add to your overall physique. Knowing how to work them and how best to maximize growth can be a game changer as you look to be as massive and shredded as Nick himself. Give these hamstring workouts a try, be sure to find a great supplement for additional gains, and see the results you want most.

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*Images courtesy of Nick Walker Instagram

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