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Being a fitness instructor, model, bikini competitor, and even actress can definitely be a lot to handle; but Rachel Scheer does it all. Today, we are covering all things involving this talented individual!

Full Name: Rachel Scheer

Weight Height Date Of Birth
Around 115 lbs 5’6″ 2/6/1993
Division Era Nationality
Bikini 2010 american



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Coming from a small town in Minnesota, Rachel Scheer has done just about everything. She became a fitness model, bikini competitor, and even an actress, talk about a packed schedule.

Throughout her years growing up, Rachel was very involved in athletic activities. These included running, volleyball, and basketball to name a few. She said that she still looked skinny, have little muscle definition on her frame. Back then, Rachel thought she needed to do extensive cardio to get in shape, so that’s what she did.

In college Rachel studies nutritional science, and realized that she was approaching fitness in the wrong way. She began following a structured weight training program and packing her diet with protein. This is when she began noticing some big changes in her physique.

Years later, Rachel began posting pictures of her transformational journey on the internet. She also posted her workout videos, and these drew in attention from all over. Her rise to becoming a fitness star had begun.


Rachel does both cardio and weight training. However, it switches up depending on how far out she is from a bikini contest. She also takes the weekends to rest and recover, which are largely important for growth. Let’s take a look!


Image courtesy of Instagram (@rachelscheer)

Rachel has said that there is no “beating around the bush” when she goes to the gym. She begins her training once she enters the weight room, knowing exactly what exercises she wants to hit during her workout. She also pre plans how many sets and reps she would like to do for each thing, because she said it helps save time.

As far as Rachel’s favorite exercises, she enjoys compound movements the most. These include the basics like squats, military press, deadlifts, and weighted pull-ups.

Rachel does not leave out isolation exercises though! She hits things like glute kickbacks, cable lateral raises, bicep curls, and so on.

Below is her training schedule:

  • Monday: Legs
  • Tuesday: Chest and arms
  • Wednesday: Back
  • Thursday: Legs
  • Friday: Abs
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Rest


Image courtesy of Instagram (@rachelscheer)

Rachel does cardio only when she is a few weeks away from a bikini contest. She focuses more on her diet to stay lean year round and shed the fat closer to a contest. However, she still throws in her cardio sessions as it gets close to show day!

Nutrition of Rachel Scheer

Rachel is known for being year round, and this definitely comes with good diet. She doesn’t make it too complicated, eating fiber rich and protein packed foods to keep her full throughout the day. This also prevents her from binge eating on calorie dense foods.

Rachel also makes sure stay hydrated, which is very important. She drinks at least two liters of water each and every day!


As far as supplements, Rachel takes a few things to help with her progress. She takes BCAAs, glutamine, natural liquid fish oil, ZMA, and protein isolate.

She made sure to mention glutamine because it is the most important supplement for her personally. She said it helps with her leaky gut and irritable bowel syndrome.

Acting Career

Aside from just being in fitness, Rachel Scheer has landed a few roles in some films over the years! She can be seen in “The Rage” (2007) as well as “Everybody Dies” (2009).

Personal Life

Image courtesy of Instagram (@rachelscheer)

Aside from being a fitness competitor, what else does Rachel Scheer get into? Well, not much is known about her family life or relationships, but her social media presence tells a lot, having 255 thousand followers on Instagram alone.

For one, she is the CEO of her business, Rachel Scheer Nutrition. She focuses on helping others with things like gut health, autoimmune issues, and weight loss.

She also has a podcast, the Scheer Madness Podcast, which focuses on health, fitness, and mindset. She has a lot of guests on the podcast too! Guests include some of the top health coaches, authors, physicians, and athletes.

Overall, her personal life seems to be focused a lot around her business and its goals.

Wrap Up

What are some key takeaways we can learn from Rachel Scheer?

For starters, we can learn that trial and error is a key component in being successful. Rachel did not start out with the best knowledge in the gym, but look at where she is at now. It is not always about where you start, but where end up and the journey that came along with it.

In other words, if you struggle at first, try adjusting your approach. This can help overcome bumps and plateaus, and ultimately help you reach your goal.


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