Ramon Rocha Queiroz Makes Statement Following Loss At Arnold Classic: “My Plan Is To Dedicate 1,000 Times More”

Ramon Rocha Queiroz issues statement following 2024 Arnold.
Ramon Rocha Queiroz Instagram

Ramon Rocha Queiroz spoke on his recent loss to Wesley Vissers during the 2024 Arnold Classic.

The Classic Physique division has been dominated by Chris Bumstead over the years but it remains a top-heavy division. After the 2024 Arnold Classic, there is a new name to watch out for. Wesley Vissers pulled off a major upset and defeated reigning champion Ramon Rocha Queiroz in Columbus. Following his performance, Ramon Dino issued a statement thanks fans for their support and sharing his future plans.

“My plan for the future is to dedicate myself 1,000 times more.”

Ramon Dino entered the weekend as a huge favorite to win the Arnold Classic. He had finished as the runner-up to Bumstead in each of the last two years at the Olympia and won the 2023 Arnold Classic. Urs Kalecinski has been a top three competitor in Classic Physique over the last two years and finished third in Columbus.

This set the stage for an extremely entertaining Olympia competition in Classic Physique.


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Ramon Dino Issues Statement Following Loss

Ramon Rocha Queiroz took to Instagram to share a statement following his loss. He has been fueled by losses over the last two years at the Olympia. Ramon Dino has been chasing Bumstead and will now be fueled by this performance in Columbus.

“What happened was just another life lesson so that was necessary so that I don’t forget the value of everything that I do. And everything that I receive, people believe in me more than myself.”

“We motivate people that motivate me back and talking about the champion now is exactly what, he motivated me to push myself more. Everything will chance. Mostly me as a person. I’ve been going through a lot and many times I thought about giving up but I kept going.

I told myself, regardless of the difficulties, I told myself this means nothing compared to what you’ll achieve in the future. It will be bigger than the losses.”

Finally, Ramon Rocha Queiroz thanked his fans and support system. This has driven him further and allowed him to become one of the best in the world.

“So I focused in, wanting more. Persist and it will happen. First, I’d like to say thank you for following me on this journey. Those who are following me on the journey, cheering, thank you for being here. I pray that God bless you.”

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