До Олимпии осталось 6 недель. Топовых спортсменов и без Фила Хита поубавилось. Минус Шон Роден и минус Натан Де Аша. Мы составили подборку того кто из оставшихся топов в какой форме находится сейчас.

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Last night was absolutely amazing having the opportunity to have my first guest posing here in my hometown Houston, Texas! As a pro, unfortunately I may never get the chance to compete here at home as all of the shows are out of town. So this was definitely a great experience! Huge thank you to @leelabrada and @tx_bodybuilding for giving me this opportunity!! The @leelabradaclassic was an amazing show with lots of amazing athletes that I was able to hang out with back stage! Everyone was awesome, especially the crowd which had great energy the entire evening, and made it that much more special for myself! 7 more weeks til 2019 @mrolympiallc and I couldn’t be more excited! Let’s get to work!! Have a great weekend everyone and thank you again to every single person who came out to the show!💪🏼

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