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Sam Sulek
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Sam Sulek’s winter bulk chest workout is here

Sam Sulek is becoming a household name in the fitness industry these days, known for being so young and having an extremely well developed physique. He looks as though he could be competing on the Mr. Olympia stage, and he is in his early 20s, but he is in college full time. However, he still makes time to put out content for viewers to enjoy, and his most recent piece involved a crazy chest workout, just over two weeks into his winter bulk.

In this post, we break down Sam Sulek’s winter bulk chest workout.

Who is Sam Sulek?

Sam Sulek is a fitness influencer, who gained popularity for his awkward mannerisms but very blunt personality. His vlogs are straight to the point, and perhaps some of the reason that he is so popular these days. However, some of the most astonishing facts about the former gymnast and diver, Sam Sulek, are his physical statistics, meaning his age, height, and weight. 

Sam Sulek Height and Weight

Full Name: Sam Sulek (Fitness Influencer)

Weight Height Date Of Birth
240 lbs 5’11″ 2/7/2002
Division Era Nationality
None yet 2020s American 

Now, Sam Sulek is currently on a bulk after just dieting down for a short lived cutting phase, and he is massive. Sam stands at 5’11”, and weighs around 240lbs at only 21 years of age. After his cut, it looked like he could easily be competing at the professional level, but he is holding off on that for now.

Sam Sulek’s Chest Day

Now Sam Sulek’s training is nothing short of extraordinary. He uses the heavy and intense approach to training of Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates, which is perhaps why he has put on so much muscle mass at such a young age. Let’s take a look at his recent chest day.

Warm Up

Sam starts off the chest day with a light warm up. He uses a cable machine to do various exercises, getting blood flowing into the back, delts, chest, and triceps. Many people do not realize that before pressing movements, it is actually very beneficial to get blood into the back muscles, perhaps pull ups, lat pulldowns, or even light rows can be used.

Incline Smith Machine Press

Sam Sulek chest workout

The first exercise on Sam Sulek’s chest day workout is incline Smith Machine press. Many people will ignore the Smith Machine, stating it is pointless, but it actually allows for great tension and nice slow and controlled movements to really develop a mind-muscle connection to the target areas. Sam says that he likes the Smith because he is able to hit muscular failure without worrying about crushing himself, because it is easy to re-rack.

After he warms up on the Smith Machine press, Sam works up to three 45 lb plates and a 25 lb plate per side for a top set of 8.5 reps (he failed on the last rep). He uses slow and controlled reps. After that, Sam drops it to three plates per side, and takes it to failure, even incorporating a few partial reps.

Cable Press

Sam Sulek cable press

Sam then moves onto cable presses as his next chest day exercise. Standing in the cable stack, he takes the cables and uses them to press, rather than do a fly movement. Sam hunches over so his face is parallel to the ground, and hits some high volume sets of cable presses, really squeezing the chest and taking the sets to muscular failure.

This actually wraps up his chest movements, as Sam feels as though he has exhausted the chest enough to have gotten a good workout and can move onto his delt work without more chest movements. 

Pump Check

Before moving onto delts, viewers are blessed with a mandatory pump check from Sam Sulek. He peels his shirt off, unveiling a massive and still pretty shredded physique that even makes his own jaw drop. From there, it is time to hit side delts.

Seated Lateral Raise Machine

After Sam gives viewers a short speech on how people need to ditch the cookie-cutter workout plans and exploring their own physiques, diets, and seeing what works for them, he hits some side lateral raises on the seated machine. This is another exercise that he takes to failure, and that is all he does for side delts before hitting a pump check again.


Sam finished his workout with some leg press calf raises, then hit the road.

Quick Workouts

Now, you may be thinking that Sam Sulek’s workouts are short and do not have many exercises to them. While many people say that this is proof of PEDs doing all of the work, this is not true at all. As stated above, Sam follows the regimens of Dorian Yates and Mike Mentzer, who both hit short but intense workouts, and were known for having some of the most massive physiques on the stage in their retrospective eras. 

This is because they would absolutely brutalize the muscles in a short amount of time, making sure that there was nothing left in the tank when they left the gym, and then fill themselves up with an adequate diet, so the muscles would be able to recover and grow back much bigger and stronger. This is the approach that Sam Sulek uses and is shown during his chest and delts workout. Sam absolutely demolishes the target muscle, then refuels with a large amount of calories.


Sam Sulek Arm Workout and Diet

Sam Sulek Back Workout

Sam Sulek and Samson Dauda Posing

Wrap Up

sam sulek

Overall, Sam Sulek is definitely becoming quite the popular figure in the bodybuilding industry. Chris Bumstead had even made a comment during a video with Urs Kalecinski about Sam “taking over” once he retires, talk about a compliment. We definitely think that with Sam becoming so popular and having such an incredible physique at a young age, he does indeed have a promising future in the industry. 

With intense workouts and a great mindset towards training, it is certainly possible that Sam Sulek could be stepping on the Olympia stage one day.

What are your thoughts?

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