Tyler Manion Breaks Down Hadi Choopan, Samson Dauda Matchup At Arnold Classic UK: “It Was Much, Much Closer Than Columbus”

Hadi Choopan and Samson Dauda went head-to-head once again during the Arnold Classic UK.

It was another. memorable battle between Hadi Choopan and Samson Dauda during the 2024 Arnold Classic UK. The two went head-to-head in Columbus just two weeks prior and this meeting in Birmingham, UK was much closer overall. Tyler Manion shared a video breaking down the matchup between the two following the show.

Manion was one of the judges during the action and shared a video on Instagram discussing the matchup.

“Overall, pose by pose, it was 6-2 Hadi. Even though the score was 6-2, the competition between these two was much, much closer than Columbus was.”

Dauda made great improvements in just two weeks time as the Arnold came to his hometown. He was dealing with fatigue and dehydration following Columbus. After getting his body back to neutral, he put together a productive prep.

Hadi Choopan vs Samson Dauda Arnold Classic

Tyler Manion Breaks Down Arnold Classic UK

There were many who believed that Hadi Choopan brought his best package to Columbus and was great once again here. Manion believes that Samson Dauda also brought his best to Birmingham.

“Saturday night Samson is definitely the best version of Samson that we have seen yet. From Friday to Saturday, Hadi filled out and brought a package that was very similar to the Arnold in Columbus.”

“I think they both improved from Friday night to Saturday. It made for a great show.”


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This made for incredible action on Saturday night. One area where Choopan stood out was his ab and thigh pose, which is nothing new.

“This pose is just a crazy, crazy pose for Hadi. Basically, probably no one beats him in the ab and thigh pose in the whole entire professional league right now. So what guys can do is continuing to improve their ab and thigh pose next to him to make sure it’s not a blow out pose.”

For Samson Dauda, he was able to get closer with his front lat spread.

“I think the front lat spread is Hadi’s weakest pose and it is a strong one for Samson…On Saturday night, Samson’s legs have more separation and deeper cuts.”

Over the last month, each competitor has set the stage for what could be another exciting matchup on the Olympia stage. Both have shown that they can compete with Derek Lunsford for the title. That will be the ultimate goal moving forward.

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