SBD Elbow Sleeves Review For Great Compression (Tested Winter 2024)

These elbow sleeves can provide great compression, blood flow, support, and protection for your muscles during those grueling workouts.

Created to assist all aspects of protecting and supporting your elbows during big lifts, elbow sleeves have come to many peoples’ aid over the years. These pieces of equipment are meant to keep your elbows warm, help relieve aches and pains, give you extra compression, and avoid injury. Elbow sleeves have hit the market as great workout aids for anyone looking to elevate their overall performance, and they can be kept right in your gym bag with your other equipment like knee sleeves and weightlifting belts.

From everyday fitness folks or those just starting out, to regular athletes and high performance fitness fanatics, elbow sleeves can benefit everyone. SBD elbow sleeves rival any elbow sleeves on the market in terms of quality and effectiveness.

Elbow Sleeves Explained

SBD Elbow Sleeves
Tested SBD Elbow Sleeves

An elbow sleeve is meant to support and protect you during those big lifts, such as the bench press and the overhead press, that can often make us feel vulnerable if we aren’t fully committed. They are wearable devices that fit snug over your elbows and are typically made of neoprene, a stretchable material that is highly durable. While elbow sleeves have plenty of physical benefits, the ability to tackle mental hurdles by knowing you are protected is also a huge bonus.

Elbow sleeves, and in particular SBD elbow sleeves, have the ability to benefit you greatly in all areas of training and performance. They can provide compression and warmth to increase blood flow and enhance recovery, while supporting the elbow to equally distribute the tension to surrounding stabilizer muscles to avoid injury (1). For growth, these sleeves can support and stabilize any big weight to enhance your muscle mass and size, while aiding in recovery to improve blood flow and provide muscle comfort.

SBD Overview

As a company, SBD is a leader in sports and exercise equipment. Working with top coaches, sports medicine experts, and other fitness leaders around the world to produce top tier products, SBD is on a mission to bring consumers only the best sports equipment around. With sports like Strongman and powerlifting growing bigger and bigger in popularity, SBD continues to provide innovative and updated products so all athletes can thrive and prove their worth on the biggest stages in the world, moving those heavy weights.

SBD Elbow Sleeves Highlights

SBD Elbow Sleeves are designed for powerlifters and strongmen to increase performance and maximize longevity with great protection.

SBD elbow sleeves are a fantastic product to aid in those big lifts and grueling workouts and will really provide for great support and comfort for your elbows. Designed with powerlifting and strongman training in mind, these elbow sleeves are top tier for maximizing gains in those respective strength sports. By combining high grade neoprene, the same used in their great knee sleeves that can be used to support you during leg exercises, with a thinner interior panel, these elbow sleeves allow for easier fitting and free movement in pulling motions to minimize the risk of injury and aid in performance.

Sold as a pair and in 5mm or 7mm high grade neoprene, the reinforced seam construction is designed to maximize longevity so you keep seeing gains with the same comfortable sleeve. Manufactured in Great Britain and available in all sizes, SBD is a reputable and high quality company that you can trust.

Product Details

SBD elbow sleeves
SBD Elbow Sleeves

Let’s take a look at exactly what goes into these elbow sleeves.


Neoprene is a durable material that allows for easy stretching while still providing protection. A softer feel inside provides nice comfort and a thicker layer outside is meant to give you added protection. Even after continuous stretching, it will still go back to the original shape and keep its form. When it comes to moisture, neoprene may not absorb it as well as other materials, so very slight movement may occur from sweating.

Comfort & Stability

This sleeve will provide you with comfort and stability by not being too tight to the point where your range of motion is restricted, but offering a nice level of compression. The design ensures that it easily fits on your arms while still offering free range of motion for any pushing motion without excess movement which is absolutely what you want out of a good elbow sleeve.


Neoprene is a very durable material in itself and with proper care these elbow sleeves can last a long time. The reinforced seam construction can help prevent fraying while also maximizing longevity. Keeping you at the focus, SBD has made a product you don’t have to worry about.

Price & Effectiveness of SBD Elbow Sleeves

These well built and high quality elbow sleeves from SBD can boost overall performance and strength while promoting an amazing lift. With sizes ranging from extra small to double extra large, SBD Elbow Sleeves come in at a price of $62.50.

Pros: High grade neoprene and a quality design allow for compression as well as movement. Designed with strength sports in mind ensures accuracy in the intended goals and SBD is a great company all around.

Cons: A premium, pricy product, you can only buy directly from their website.


Do I need elbow sleeves for every lift?

No, you do not need to put on elbow sleeves for every lift. They are mainly designed for pushing movements to help you get those heavy dumbbells and fully loaded barbells up, with added support.

Are SBD Elbow Sleeves the best elbow sleeves?

There are plenty of different elbow sleeves to choose from, such as Iron Bull Elbow Sleeves or Rogue Elbow Sleeves, so it is important to check out which ones suit your needs the best.

Overall Value

SBD elbow sleeves are truly great equipment aids to enhance your big lifts and provide comfort for whatever workout comes your way. By providing compression, warming your muscles, increasing blood flow, and enhancing growth and recovery, these sleeves are top tier in the sports equipment game. You can trust that SBD has your back through their dedication to make high quality products to only enhance the athletes around them. What you are really getting is a quality, long-lasting pair of elbow sleeves from a reputable company to tackle all of your workout needs. Give SBD elbow sleeves a try and watch those lifts get even bigger.

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