Seth Feroce Shares Top 10 Picks For 2024 Arnold Classic

Seth Feroce shard his Top 10 predictions for the upcoming Arnold Classic.
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Seth Feroce believes a familiar face will be at the top of the Arnold Classic.

Seth Feroce remains an active voice in the sport of bodybuilding. He shares his opinions and views within the fitness industry on many occasions. This includes giving his Top 10 predictions for the upcoming Arnold Classic.

Feroce put together a successful career on stage before continuing to build his brand in retirement from competition. He has become known for his rants that express his opinion on many issues and topics around bodybuilding. Inside the gym, Feroce remains active putting together some massive workouts.

The Arnold Classic is just five weeks away. This year the competition is set for March 1-3, 2024, at the usual venue, the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH. This year is the 36th edition of the Arnold Classic, which goes back all the way to 1989 when Rich Gaspari won the inaugural championship. There will be a total of 12 competitors in the Men’s Open division, which will once again lead the way.

Feroce joined Fouad Abiad and the Bro Chat podcast to discuss the competition and shared his predictions for the biggest division in the sport.

Seth Feroce's recent rant came about steroid and TRT.
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Seth Feroce’s Top 10 Prediction For The 2024 Arnold Classic

The Arnold Classic lineup features some of the best competitors in the world this year. Andrew Jacked was initially slated to compete but pulled out of the competition recently. There is still a loaded group competing on stage and Seth Feroce shared how he sees the competition playing out once the big weekend comes around.

  • First Place – Hadi Choopan
  • Second Place – Samson Dauda
  • Third Place – Jonathan De La Rosa
  • Fourth Place – Rafael Brandao
  • Fifth Place – Marcello De Angelis
  • Sixth Place – Justin Rodriguez
  • Seventh Place – James Hollingshead
  • Eighth Place – Akim Williams
  • Ninth Place – Mohamed Shabaan
  • Tenth Place – Antoine Vaillant

Hadi Choopan won the 2022 Olympia but was topped by Derek Lunsford this past year. He will take the stage in Columbus looking for a victory despite already being qualified for the biggest show of 2024. Samson Dauda is the reigning champion of the Arnold and will look to successfully defend his title. He finished third to Lunsford and Choopan at the Olympia.

This year’s edition of the Arnold Classic has a chance to be as exciting as ever with many big names taking the stage. Seth Feroce believes that the top will be full of Olympia hopefuls and competitors looking to improve.

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