The 30-Minute Summer Shred Workout To Get You In Shape

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30-Minute HIIT Workout For Fat Loss

Summer is here, and it could be bad news for you if you’re carrying over the extra kilos from the winter bulk. The good news is, you could get rid of your moon face in a few weeks by following a 30-minute HIIT cardio workout.

The key to a successful summer shred is to stick to the workout and keeping your diet under control. You could do the workout mentioned in the article at a gym or at your home. All you need are an exercise mat, a stopwatch and a willingness to transform your body.

Jumping Jacks – 1 Minute

You’ll be starting the workout with the jumping jacks. Your goal should be to keep the intensity as high as possible throughout the workout. Don’t just do the exercises for the sake of completing the one-minute target.

Rest – 30 Seconds

You’ll be taking a 30-second rest after every one minute of high-intensity training. Make sure you don’t prolong your resting time. Keep the stopwatch running throughout the workout and make sure you keep up with it.

Burpees – 1 Minute

Burpees are an incredibly effective fat killer. Follow a full range of motion while performing all the exercises in the workout. The only person you cheat by doing cheat reps is you. Maintaining high intensity while doing the burpees isn’t for the weak-hearted.

  • Rest – 30 Seconds

Crunches Generation Iron Exercise Guide

Crunches – 1 Minute

After performing the burpees, you need to lie down on the exercise mat and get into a crunching position. Keep your feet flat on the floor and your hands placed at the back of your head. Elevate your upper body until it is perpendicular to the floor. Return to the starting position and repeat for a minute.

  • Rest – 30 Seconds

Pushups – 1 Minute

Pushups are the next exercise on the rooster. After resting for 30-seconds on the floor mat, roll over and get into a pushup position. Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width and squeeze your pecs at the top of the movement.

  • Rest – 30 Seconds

Mountain Climbers – 1 Minute

Mountain climbers are great for burning the fat in your lower abs and building a strong core. Get in a pushup position with your arms fully extended and toes placed together. Bend at your right knee to bring it close to your chest while your left leg stays planted on the floor. Return to the starting position and repeat with your left leg.

  • Rest – 30 Seconds

Standing Side Bends – 1 Minute

Standing side bends help with getting rid of your love handles. Stand with an upright torso and place your left hand on your side while your right arm is arched over your head towards the left side. Bend at your torso towards your left side while keeping your lower body stationary. Perform the exercise for 30 seconds on one side and then switch to the other.

  • Rest – 30 Seconds

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Lunges – 1 Minute

Place your hands on your side as you get into the lunging position. At the bottom of the movement, the lower leg of the front leg should be parallel to the upper leg of the rear leg. Switch legs after 30-seconds of performing the lunges on one leg.

  • Rest – 30 Seconds

Lying Toe Taps – 1 Minute

Lie down on the exercise mat after performing the lunges. Lying toe taps are one of the easiest exercises to perform but can prove brutal for your sides. Your feet should be placed flat on the floor and your arms should be extended at your sides. Alternate between reps while you perform the exercise for a minute.

  • Rest – 30 Seconds

Squats – 1 Minute

If you maintain the high intensity, you should start feeling the heat by now. Squatting for a full one-minute will set your lower body on fire and will fill it with blood and lactic acid. The body fat will be asking you for mercy.

  • Rest – 30 Seconds

Planks – 1 Minute

Planks are incredibly effective at building core strength. Get into a prone position on the floor, supporting your weight on your toes and your forearms. Your arms should be bent and directly below the shoulders. Make sure your body is in a straight line throughout the exercise and you don’t slouch your hips or form a bridge to take the tension off your core.

  • Rest – 30 Seconds

Reverse the Exercise Flow

You’ll be 15 minutes into the workout after you complete the 10 exercises (10 minutes) and 10 rest periods (5 minutes). You need to reverse the exercise flow without taking any extra rest by starting from the planks and ending at the jumping jacks.

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