The Rock Shares ‘Chest Finisher’ To End Massive Chest & Back Workout

the rock chest workout

The Rock focuses on “quality, controlled reps” to get the best pump.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has been in the entertainment business for years. He has combined his passion for fitness and incredible physique with entertainment, both in the ring and on the big screen. The Rock continues to share workout tips on social media and recently gave out a chest workout detailing controlled reps to maximize pumps.

The chest is the muscle group most men love to train. It builds a stout torso, puffs out your chest, and is the main muscle group responsible for increasing your bench press. Moreover, training your chest is important to prevent muscular imbalances in the back. The question is: What chest exercises should you do? Fortunately, you can replicate one of The Rock’s chest exercises to end your workout with a massive chest pump.

Many actors in Hollywood have to keep up their physiques to play certain roles. The Rock is at the top of that list, keeping up with a shredded physique with incredible mass. Thanks to his home gym, The Rock has been able to get pumps in at any time of the day. His overall motivation for fitness has created a legendary physique.

In this particular workout, The Rock was hitting the chest and back. He ended it by completing 20 reps per arm on the seated chest press machine. The Rock explained that he likes to focus on “quality, controlled reps” to get the best pump possible.

“Great chest finisher closing out my chest training today.
Alternating 20 reps per arm with controlled negatives, then dual reps to fatigue with 3 second negatives.
* on Saturday’s I usually train chest + back together and concentrate on quality, controlled reps for an intense pump as well as bringing the volume down since they’re major body parts to not overwork.
Great one today.
Worked hard.
Raised the bar.

Have a productive weekend, my friends 💪🏾 and crush your cheat meals!!💀😈”

The Rock’s Fitness Routine

the rock chest exercises
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Like his chest exercises, The Rock’s workout routine is intense and demanding, to say the least. He follows a six-day split routine and often changes his training program occasionally to keep his muscles guessing. The Rock usually works out for a few hours daily, hitting each muscle group from multiple angles. He focuses on heavy compound movements, such as deadlifts, squats, and bench presses, followed by isolation exercises for each muscle.

Johnson goes heavy on his core training even at the ripe age of 51. Training the core is important because it plays a vital role in performance on other compound movements. In addition, a strong core will shine once your body fat level is low enough to see visible abs. Part of The Rock’s core workout consists of seated leg raises. This is an excellent movement for specifically targeting the lower abdominals.

One of his most popular workout routines is his leg day routine, where he performs squats, leg presses, lunges, and leg extensions, to name a few. The former WWE star endured a brutal leg workout of giant belted squats earlier this year. The belted squat variation supports his weight, protects his back, and is a safer alternative to barbell squats.

The Rock also often incorporates cardio into his workouts, such as sprints outdoors or on the treadmill. Of course, cardio will keep his conditioning up and ensure he has good endurance to go along with those massive muscles. But it’ll also help him burn more calories, especially sprinting, since it’s considered a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout.

Besides his strenuous workout routines, The Rock follows a strict diet, taking 5,000 to 6,000 calories daily. His diet mostly consists of lean protein sources such as chicken, turkey, salmon, and egg whites. He includes complex carbohydrates, such as rice and quinoa, and healthy fats from sources like avocado and nuts.

He also takes supplements to maintain his muscle mass and aid in muscle recovery, such as whey protein, BCAAs, and fish oil. Despite his calorie surplus, The Rock follows a well-balanced diet plan and encourages people to eat healthily and avoid fad diets.

That said, he’s known for indulging in occasional cheat meals, which include a mix of pancakes, burgers, fries, cookies, pizza, and tequila. Cheat meals aren’t bad when had in moderation. Of course, having too much junk food is terrible for your health and fitness and will make hitting your fitness goal next to impossible. But strategically implementing cheat meals are not only delicious, but it can help you stick to your diet plan and give your body a break from strict nutrition.

The Rock’s training program and diet plan have become his way of life. He wakes up at 4 am (sometimes as early as 2:30 am) to start his day with a cardio session, followed by breakfast. His daily schedule is structured to accommodate his workouts, meetings, and filming schedule. He hits the gym for weight training sessions once or twice daily, depending on his schedule. When he’s not filming, The Rock is known to spend time outdoors, playing golf or hiking with his family.

Workout for Black Adam

The Rock is preparing to play a role in the movie Black Adam. This is a superhero movie, and it is clear that Johnson is aiming to have his physique in the best shape possible. He is doing this by taking on new focuses.

The Rock has been focusing on tension to get a bigger pump during workouts. This places high value on the mind-muscle connection and is an effective way to build muscle. This is what he is accomplishing with quality, controlled reps over the course of his workouts.

Social media has seen that The Rock is famous for his cheat meals, and he reminds everyone to enjoy them over the weekend. If there is a fitness mind to follow, The Rock is near the top of the list and continues sharing his wisdom and knowledge.

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