The Seven Deadly Leg Day Sins

Strength Wars Movie

There’s rules to this sh*t.

No matter what you do in life it seems there’s rules and guidelines to everything. With nothing new under the sun, in 2016 everything has been tried and tested even if it has come back in an apparently different form. Like Biggie enlightening us on the potential perils of “street pharmacy” in the classic “10 Crack Commandments”, there’s rules to the game, and bodybuilding is no different.

Whether you love it or hate it, Leg Day is an integral part of any bodybuilders diet. Whether you’re training for aesthetics or the big show, you don’t want to go out there looking like Sponge Bob. Now some of you have the greatest of intentions and some of you guys are just lazy. Either way, the result is without proper lifting technique you’re cheating yourself of massive gains as well as knowledge of the sport. With every builder having their own rituals and techniques it’s easier to get a consensus on what you’re doing wrong rather than what you’re doing right. And because of that, we’ve comprised a list of the seven deadly leg day sins. Read below to check it out.


Leaving your heels

Look around next time you’re at the gym at I bet you’ll see this: an amateur doing a leg press on tippy toes. Sure it looks cool, but you’re not optimizing the movement. Keep your heels glued to the floor on big muscle leg movements and you’ll activate more muscle groups, leaving with a stronger and well rounded physique.


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