Start showing off some destructive biceps.

Start elevating your arm workouts with this comprehensive IFBB Pro breakdown on how to put your biceps to the ultimate test. Fred “Biggie” Smalls will show you how to train your biceps into the ultimate shape. Train BIG will help you show off those guns. Get ready to take some notes – watch the video above!

We all want those bulging biceps to pop, but in order to have that, we need a holistic approach to our bicep game. There are a host of things we can do to achieve this, but it starts with a solid workout plan to really work our arms. Using a thicker bar forces our forearms to work harder which recruits more muscles in our biceps and is one way to see great growth. Other ways include training our biceps from different angles, changing up our levels of intensity, using advanced training techniques, and adding time under tension.

Best on the Planet - Biceps as Big as Mountains

Drop sets for bicep curls are also a great way to activate deeper muscles and work to break through just the surface muscle of our bicep. But working our biceps is a delicate game, for muscle imbalances can occur which can really hurt our overall physique. While there are ways to correct this, it makes life much easier if you just overall avoid it. Following a complete training program will work to reduce imbalances and this bicep program from Fred Smalls is a great start for building those bulging bicep mountains.

Fred “Biggie” Smalls is a former pro bodybuilder who now seeks to help others as a personal trainer, nutritional consultant, and contest prep coach. Having competed around the world, he has placed in the top three in events like the Arnold Classic Asia and Vancouver Pro, and is a 3-time Arnold Classic best poser. His workout routines are great for building muscle and working to help you achieve your goals.

This biceps workout is a short but effective series of exercises to get a good pump and see great muscle growth in your mission for bulging biceps. Whether you are an elite athlete, average competitor, aspiring bodybuilder, or just an everyday gym-goer, having solid, defined arms is something everyone strives for. Smalls walks us through just how to effectively work our biceps for overall growth and performance and to be proud of the addition our arms give to our overall physique.

The Workout

EZ Bar Curls

EZ bar curls are easier on the wrists given how the bar is built and can really hit the inner and outer heads well. It helps to isolate the biceps while also keeping your wrists in a strong position. The grip on the EZ bar is also joint-friendly to keep you safe from unwanted pain. Retract your shoulder blades and have a controlled movement with this exercise to really get the maximum benefit.

How to: Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the EZ bar near the outer portion of the handle with your palms facing up. Lift the bar in a controlled curling motion until you achieve full contraction and hold for a brief pause. Lower the bar to the starting position and repeat for your desired number of reps.

Total: 4 sets – 8 to 10 reps

Hammer Curls

Hammer curls work well to target the brachioradialis and brachialis. As a good exercise to add in the middle of your workout, you can go heavy to add width to the biceps and your forearms for a great full arm pump. Hammer curls generate the stress on the forearm more evenly because the entire muscle has to work to keep a neutral wrist position. Regular bicep curls put stress on the biceps tendon, but hammer curls are a great way to relieve that unwanted strain.

How to: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and grab the desired weight in dumbbells of your choosing. With your elbows tucked in tight, raise the weight vertically as if mimicking a hammering motion. It is important to eliminate the swinging movement and to keep a good, solid, controlled motion. If you hold the dumbbell towards the top end as opposed to the middle, it provides for better isolation.

Total: 4 sets – 8 to 10 reps

Preacher Curls

Preacher curls work the mid-range of the curl and are great for high reps because you don’t need stability for a full body movement. Since this is a strict movement with less weight, you can really focus on form and function to aid in mind-muscle connection. For this, keep your arm pit over the pad and allow for full arm extension. Controlling your movement is key to avoid injury and dumbbells really help with that.

How to: Choose your desired weight in dumbbells and sit on the bench with your armpits over the pad. Perform a curling motion with a strong and stable upper body so no extra movement occurs.

Total: 10 to 12 reps

Wrap Up

Having bulging biceps is a goal of everyone. But working your biceps in a smart and effective way can be challenging especially when all you want to do is curls. Having a solid workout plan in place can really work to your benefit and that is exactly what you have here with this great biceps workout from Fred Smalls. Through helpful hints and tips, Smalls give us the run down on how to get a big pump so you will feel confident to show off your guns come the right time. This comprehensive breakdown is all about the gains with no sugar-coating on what you need to do to see great progress.

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