Victor Martinez and Arnold Schwarzenegger share their tried and true hangover cures

While alcohol and bodybuilding don’t often go together – it’s not uncommon for even the strictest of athletes to imbibe from time to time. We are all human after all, and many of us occasionally like to celebrate or have a fun night out with some drinks.

Unfortunately, a night of drinking has its side effects. Beyond the increased caloric intake – many will often wake up feeling the pain and nausea of a hangover. This can do further damage to your bodybuilding routine if you feel too sick to train… or the very least to train as hard as you usually would.

Pro Bodybuilder Victor Martinez’s Sworn Hangover Remedy

That’s why in this special bonus clip from the Generation Iron Podcast, Victor Martinez discusses hangover cures, including Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recommendations. Electrolytes, dietary fat, ginseng, and Korean pears were mentioned as potential remedies.

However, Victor Martinez shared his own ritual, involving a bodybuilding-specific concoction of Dark Matter (A MHP brand supplement) before bed and upon waking up, claiming it effectively mitigated hangover symptoms.

Here are Victor Martinez’s instructions for his hangover cure:

  • Right before bed, take two scoops of MHP’s Dark Matter supplement.
  • You will eventually wake up in the middle of the night to urinate. When you do this – take another two scoops of Dark Matter.

Victor Martinez also talked about a very old school but sometimes helpful method to remedying hangovers – more alcohol. While this might simply “kick the can down the road” with your hangover. Getting a slight buzz after a long night of drinking can often reduce the effects of a hangover.

It should be noted, however, that this tactic is not necessarily recommended. It can cause dangerous and hurtful habits to your health and social life. But if it’s a weekend and you went out with some friends and drank too much – this method might also help nurse the hangover a bit.

Wrap Up

Ultimately, the best cure for a hangover is to not drink too much. This is especially true for serious bodybuilders that are looking to win competitions. Alcohol is simply bad for your health, adds unnecessary (and unhelpful) calories into your diet, and can cause you to throw off your diet and training regimen.

But we are all human and not perfect. If you feel the desire to celebrate and have a few drinks – and worry that you might have a hangover in the morning – try Victor Martinez’s hang-over remedy. It might get you back on track and back to killing it in the gym.

Derek Dufour
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