Vladislava Galagan’s Workout Routine

How the “Kylie Jenner” of bodybuilding sculpted her physique

Vladislava Galagan has really built up her name in the fitness industry, as well as her physique which balances femininity and muscularity almost perfectly. Vladislava Galagan is a Russian bodybuilder who has been called the “Kendall Jenner of bodybuilding” and has even used her looks to make money using OnlyFans. Galagan has also opened up about her steroid use. Yes, she uses performance enhancing drugs, but that does not take away from the hard work that she puts in in the gym, and many people have been left wondering what exactly the Vladislava Galagan workout routine consists of.

Let’s break down who Vladislava Galagan is, and what her workout routine is.

Who is Vladislava Galagan?

vladislava galagan

The 27-year-old bodybuilder began getting into the gym and training at 16 and has been able to find a routine that keeps her physique in top shape. She has done OnlyFans, but nothing too X-rated. Aside from that, Galagan has built a following of 1.6 million on Instagram, and her fans have flocked to her social media pages to see a combination of her ripped physique and pretty face. 

Vladislava Galagan Workout

Vladislava Galagan’s journey to achieving her incredible, stage worthy physique as well as her immense strength is powered by her disciplined and rigorous training regimen. In order to build and maintain muscle mass as well as her low body fat levels, she commits to six days of training per week, incorporating a blend of isolation and compound movements to target all major muscle groups and build overall mass, but also fine tune them.

Her approach to training is not overly complicated, and it involves a classic push/pull/legs workout split. This allows for comprehensive muscle engagement and optimal recovery in between training sessions. Galagan also does not rely on any specific equipment, as she strategically alternates between free weights such as barbells and dumbbells, and machines like the cable stack, this helps her capitalize on the unique benefits each offers in bodybuilding. Let’s take a look at each of the exercises that she does for each muscle group.

Push Day

Vladislava Galagan’s push day exercises consist of the following.

Exercise Why it is Included
Lateral Raises A complete physique like Vladislava Galagan’s requires a good set of shoulders, and lateral raises are the perfect delt destroyer.
Cable Flyes Vladislava uses cable flyes to work on the striations and growth of the chest.
Incline Press With the cable flyes hitting the inner and lower chest, Galagan uses an incline press to make sure to hit the upper part and have a full chest.
Cable Tricep Extensions With a rope or barbell attachment, tricep extensions are a go to for building the backside of the arms.


Pull Day

Vladislava Galagan’s pull day exercises consist of the following.

Exercise Why it is Included
Pull-ups A great bodyweight exercise that can be done with minimal equipment, and is effective in building a strong, functional, and wide back.
Wide grip lat pull downs Another movement to improve width in the back, these can be done to really isolate the lats and help develop and mind-muscle connection.
Deadlifts A great compound exercise to overload the entire posterior chain, from the legs up to the traps
Barbell Curls No pull day workout is complete without a good bicep exercise, and Vladislava Galagan uses barbell curls to get the job done.


Vladislava Galagan’s leg day exercises consist of the following.

Exercise Why it is Included
Barbell Squats A classic compound exercise and a staple in Vladislava Galagan’s workout.
Romanian Deadlift This variation of the deadlift helps to overload the hamstrings and complete the look of the legs.
Leg Extensions These are a staple of any good leg workout routine, including Vladislava Galagan’s. They isolate the quads, and fine tune them.
Seated Calf Raise Your legs are not complete without a good set of calves, and Vladislava makes sure to include some calf work in her routine.


Vladislava cardio routine

In addition to her resistance training, Galagan makes sure to prioritize overall health by staying active and ensuring that she walks at least 10,000 steps daily, often heading out on longer morning walks. 

To further enhance cardiovascular health and endurance as well as keep body fat low, Vladislava Galagan integrates high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts and other forms of cardio into her routine.

However she has had her setbacks, as Vladislava’s demanding training routine left little room for adequate recovery between sessions, ultimately resulting in an injury that altered her training a bit. As a result of the setback that came along with the injury, this prompted her to reassess her approach, emphasizing the importance of balance and rest in achieving long-term fitness goals.

Vladislava Galagan also does not do the same thing everyday and continues to refine her training regimen, striving for optimal performance while prioritizing her well-being.

What Type of Volume Does Vladislava Galagan Use?

Now, Vladislava Galagan uses pretty high volume. She is not a powerlifter, and after her injury does not go as heavy as she once did. That being said, typically for each exercise she will do around 4 or 5 sets of 10-15 reps. This is a good rep range for muscle building.

Diet and Recovery Protocols

Vladislava Galagan’s workout routine is accompanied by a good diet, and one that you may want to consider following yourself as it is ideal for building muscle and burning fat. Galgan’s diet is packed with right around 100 grams of protein daily, making sure she has enough to recover from her training. As far as food sources, meaning where the protein comes from, Vladislava has said that she favors beef, eggs, turkey, chicken, and fish to get the extra protein needed over the course of the day.

This helps her recover and grow after each of her training sessions.

Vladislava Galagan Workout Wrap Up

Vladislava Galagan
Image courtesy of Instagram (@vladigalagan)

Overall, Vladislava Galagan’s workout routine is something that works for her. She is able to build muscle and stay relatively low in body fat while she uses this routine, so that is something to keep in mind. 

What do you think of Vladislava Galagan’s workout routine?

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