Why The Water You Drink Could Be Killing Your Gains

Here’s why your water sucks.

Just admit it, most of the water you’re drinking is probably terrible. We’ve all been faced with it. Drinking water out of a plastic container is a pretty common practice that all of us have faced at one point or another. In this day and age it’s pretty unavoidable. What’s the big deal about drinking water out of plastic anyway? It honestly may not seem like a big deal, but water is as essential to your diet as getting in your lean protein. Just like you want your meat and carbs to be devoid of chemicals that will kill your gains you’re going to want to have some fresh water to drink.

So why does drinking water out of a plastic container suck? Well for starters the chemicals leaked from the plastic into your can have a some horrible side effects. Leave a bottle around in room temperature or heat for long enough and chemicals will find their way into your drinking water. Among the numerous chemicals present are some that can severely disrupt your endocrine system.

Not bad enough for you? Then how about the fact that some of those chemicals contain estrogenic properties. Say what you want about some of the organic fitness nuts out there, there’s no way that a bodybuilder is going to want to have steady doses of estrogen fed into their bloodstream. Testosterone is key for building strong and full muscle and though estrogen may have it’s benefits, an over abundance could mean kissing all your gains goodbye.

So how can you manage to get the most out of the water you’re consuming? We’ve got you covered with these important tips.

Alternative Containers

Generation Iron Water Container

A great way to avoid the harmful chemicals in water bottles is by using stainless steel or mason jar glass containers. There are a ton of options on the market so you should be able to get a safe container fairly easily.

Jonathan Salmon
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